Sunday, August 24, 2008

big ol' giveaway!

i know i have been lame at blogging. we are here in AZ now, more about that later. but again, my awesome sister lauren posted a $50 giveaway to a really cute store called little jet set that sells really cute travel things for kids, toys, games puzzles...but not just that, tons of back to school stuff! even though caleb is about 2 years away, i might just get started early! too good to pass up...

this is their 3-in-1 travel animal for kids. a pillow, a blanket & a stuffed animal. love the giraffe.

and this is a pretty cool messenger bag for your back to school kiddo. ben asked if it came in his size. i said no, but offered him one to use as a fanny pack? who knows. he might bring back the trend.
and since i usually swing toward the male side, here is a cute lunch box that i thought if i had a little lady heading off to school, this is just what i would pack her pb&j in to keep safe & cute at the same time.

1 comment:

Lauren Horsley said...

If anyone can bring fannypacks back, it's Ben. Except maybe you should come up with a new name for it - the Tushy Tote? The Bum-Bum Bag? The PoPo Pouch?

Wow - you found some totally cute stuff at Little Jet Set! I'm having a REALLY hard time giving away this gift cert.!