Thursday, April 19, 2012

life happens, in pictures.

a lot has been going on around here, and luckily i took some pictures to prove it.

what happened to june after an underwear fight between ben & caleb during conference.


easter dinner.

easter egg hunt for the kiddos.

easter egg money hunt for the adult ladies....featuring our "game on" faces.....also known as my audition picture for a laxative commercial.

someone has graduated to a big girl bed, and it was surprisingly before she turned 21 {like her dad predicted}.  she has done great, not getting out of bed once at night yet.  {the reason i waited for so long for her to make the change, so she was old enough to hopefully understand & i wouldn't have to change the doorknob around.}

family time around the piano.

the music was as beautiful as their expressions.

catching ladybugs.

leah and her "clarinet."  i wish i were joking.  not sure what is more disturbing, the "clarinet" in her mouth, or her post-nap hair.

we hit the mid 90's today, so we busted out the swimsuits and sprinklers.  this weekend we'll get our first 100 degrees.  i'm trying so hard to have a good attitude about it.

the end of another semester is coming this week, 
and another sleeping picture of ben pretty much sums up our feelings about it:


KMitchell said...

you family is so darn cute! and I have to say, who can be positive about 100 degrees? Uggggg! Especially after it being 60 this last Sat. Crazy!

Fawn said...

Lynsey these are GREAT pics! You're turning into quite the photographer. When can I expect your website & a $500 per session charge?? ;)

Rachel Holloway said...

SO cute! I love your Easter pics. SO funny. And your one friend looks SO MUCH like Tina Arter! Is it her by some strange chance??? If not, she is like an identical twin! lol

Yay for another close to another semester. I seriously do not know how these hard core students do it! Overwhelming and exhausting, all rolled into one. We're rooting for Ben (and you guys, of course)!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh how adorable! I love your table setting, too!