Thursday, August 28, 2008


is it possible to have PMS when you are pregnant?

answer: if it is, watch out world, cause here i come.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

when marketing DoEsN't lie.

most of the time i am skeptical to ads & commercials. i usually get sucked in pretty easily but at the heart of things, i know they are things i can live without. however, when traveling with my dad to arizona a week or so ago, i discovered one of the best & most honest ads for a product:

"once you pop you can't stop."

have you ever heard anything more true? 

Sunday, August 24, 2008


...apparently it is hot here in AZ. don't let people say the words to you "it's not that bad" because they are either lying or delusional. i am hoping however that the phrase "you get used to it" is an actual truth, not just something people say to woo people out here.

i think what is most strange to me is that when i lived in utah & idaho, during the winters i would look outside, see cold, ice, snow, sleet & hail & think to myself "well that looks miserable, i'm not going out there." then sit down to a nice cup of hot chocolate. but here is the opposite. a wolf in sheep's clothing. a bar of nasty baking chocolate that is wrapped up just like milk chocolate. i look outside, see the lovely sunshine, and think that it would be a fantastic day for a little jaunt to the park. then i get all ready and head out there. only to have the soles of my shoes begin to melt off as soon as they hit the sidewalk.

so instead of avoiding outside activity during winters, i am now avoiding outside during summers. "park days" are held inside until september. at 8 p.m. it's 100 degrees, and that is with the sun down already. so's hot.

...apparently i am no longer at war with smelly lotions. i thought our friendship would never return after practically vomiting each time i had to smell my b&b works body cream, didn't matter which scent. i got to the point of crackling knuckles & dry, tight skin, which was rough. slowly but surely, my sniffer is apparently no longer using nausea as a repellent to not be able to use up my ample supply.

...apparently we have some really fantastic people in our lives (this has been known for some time but i thought i would still mention). i can't tell you how many people, friends & family, have helped us during this past month. we are now here with the goldings and it has been like old times and they are so generous and kind. especially when they don't even mention that i still need my mid-afternoon nap. not to mention the scrumptious meals. apparently we are really lucky. thank you everyone.

...apparently caleb's new phrase is "oh dang it!" anytime he is mad at me, taking his little fist and pounding it on his thigh like he's a big ol' adult. could be worse. apparently he picked up his trash mouth from his dad.

...apparently i have several friends (all of whom i respect) at war with each other over "breaking dawn." i am amazed at how passionate these ladies are! i haven't read it yet (though i have read the spoilers and know what happens but that doesn't ruin it for me. i just couldn't stand not knowing what the big hype was) i mean, i know these vampires/humans-almost-vampires-drinking-blood-through-a-straw are important in our lives but is it worth emailing strangers to bash on their differing opinions? apparently after i do read it, i will NOT be posting my opinion on my blog. i'm not in the mood today to be yelled at (LIKE THIS) from a commenter.

...apparently "flipping out" is one of my new favorite shows. didn't watch much t.v. last year and it's been fun to catch up. apparently zoila is hilarious.

...apparently i am due 3.3.09. which according to the chinese birth calendar, makes this little one a boy. not that i know for sure yet. but come on, did you see the olympics? they know what they're doing over there in china. apparently my hunch was right.

...apparently i was picture tagged by julie. i want you to know i'm not ignoring you by any means. i just don't have a house to take pictures of and right now, and i also can't find our little picture downloader. but maybe when i get a chance, i will do one that is a little non-conventional. apparently i am homeless.

...apparently this is a lengthy blog. i guess i am just making up for lost time. ooh! we've had some updates on our kids at the group home. some good, most not so good. i will update about them on our private blog the next time i sit down at the computer for more than 5 seconds. but it is interesting stuff, as always. apparently though, i don't miss it. (though i do miss the people we worked with) a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders since we have left and i think it weighed about the same as 4 teenagers who loved to give us a hard time.

big ol' giveaway!

i know i have been lame at blogging. we are here in AZ now, more about that later. but again, my awesome sister lauren posted a $50 giveaway to a really cute store called little jet set that sells really cute travel things for kids, toys, games puzzles...but not just that, tons of back to school stuff! even though caleb is about 2 years away, i might just get started early! too good to pass up...

this is their 3-in-1 travel animal for kids. a pillow, a blanket & a stuffed animal. love the giraffe.

and this is a pretty cool messenger bag for your back to school kiddo. ben asked if it came in his size. i said no, but offered him one to use as a fanny pack? who knows. he might bring back the trend.
and since i usually swing toward the male side, here is a cute lunch box that i thought if i had a little lady heading off to school, this is just what i would pack her pb&j in to keep safe & cute at the same time.

Monday, August 11, 2008

he sure plays a mean pinball....

so i am being stupid & staying up way past my bedtime reading friends/family blogs when suddenly i feel an old forgotten thump, thump, thump against my lower abdomen. i stop, think about it, realize it isn't gas, and wonder what's going on.

can the beanie baby kick at this point? how far along am i? (i have my suspicions but the question will be medically answered on wednesday) am i growing the cinderella man part 2 in my uterus? what is happening? i even put my hand on my stomach trying to feel it from the outside but no such luck. but that little schnookums has continually been rat-a-tat-tatting during this whole post.

hmmm, maybe he likes this blogging thing. just like his dad...sarcasm. (i am saying 'he' because i am secretly...also known as "not secretly"... hoping it's another male. and to my unborn daughter, if you turn out to be a girl, my apologies. it doesn't mean i love you any less. just the idea of brothers is fun to me. also thinking there might be a slight possibility that this child will outweigh caleb at about 1 yr. old, i think it would be less humiliating to him if he is outweighed by another fella than by a little princess.)

okay i didn't want this to become a "pregnancy blog" either. but really i thought i remember feeling caleb kick around 4 mos. does this little one even have arms/legs yet? am i just feeling him bounce around in all the extra fluid, like he's the ball in a pinball machine?

food for thought at almost 2 a.m.

Friday, August 8, 2008

take two of these and...tell me you're joking

just read my friend kelly's post & had already been thinking about this one for quite some time. but for kelly, who felt her root canal story was "whining," think again.

it's been a while since i've been pregnant. over 3 years to be exact. so i had forgotten/blocked out a lot. don't get me wrong, we were elated to find out we are having another & just praying this kid is healthy. but i feel that a lot of that pressure is on me since i'm the one cooking the wee lad/lassie. so i stay away from caffeine, overexerting myself, blah blah. but here is a pet peeve.

from the last two posts you can see i was somewhat under the weather a couple of weeks ago, on top of finishing my first trimester. i had a major sinus infection (but what felt more like the ebola virus, i imagine) which literally attacked me from all sides.

so there was vomiting, sneezing, diarrhea, fever, body aches and a headache that literally felt at one point that someone had been hitting me with a hammer during my sleep. and what could i turn to for some aid amidst all of this pain?


i might as well have been taking two m&m's for all the good that it did me. and so that is my pet peeve during pregnancy. and conversations from 3 years ago started to come back, the veil was lifted, and i recall dialing the nurse's line at my doctor's office & things going something like this:

lynsey: hi, i'm pregnant and have a migraine that hasn't gone away in 3 days. i can barely function. what can i take for it?

nurse: take two tylenol.

l: hi, my sciatic nerve is killing me and i can barely walk. what can i take for the pain?

n: have you tried tylenol?

l: hi, my liver is now failing due to all of the tylenol i have taken over the past 9 months. how do i get that treated?

n: hmmmm... well i heard there is now an extended release tylenol. you might want to go in that direction.

so yes, this is an overdramatization. but seriously, last week when i got sick i kept that little bottle next to my bedside hoping and praying that someone, somewhere, had figured out a way to not only make it safe for pregnant women, but also effective for pregnant women. too much to ask? apparently so.

and ben comes down with my exact illness a couple of days later. i glared at our countertop full of nyquil, dayquil, decongestants & ibuprofen. he was back on his feet in a mere 24 hours while i am still to this day sniffling the effects of a sinus infection away.

so there you go kel, your whine posting has been knocked down a peg by my pessimistic attitude and non-stop ramblings about an ineffective over-the-counter medication.

looking forward to the next 6 months.

Friday, August 1, 2008

to a classy, non-cheap mother in-law

dear ginnifred,

thank you for not buying the cheapie brand of kleenex or toilet paper. since in the past two days i have probably used two entire rolls of t.p. on my under-the-weather schnoz, it has been really nice to know that amid all the other pain i am feeling, my nostrils will not be a part of it.

your grateful DIL (and her nose),