Thursday, May 30, 2013

hey, ashton kutcher--come out, come out, wherever you are...

i used to dream about it.  pray for it.  bang my head against a wall, silently and desperately begging for it.

i don't know if i've entered some sort of alternate universe, or if ashton kutcher is going to jump out from the inside of one of my cupboards with his trucker hat perched precariously on his head while he and his entire staff of 'punk'd' laugh in my face,

but we have our first week of summer almost down, and these two:

have been



now i don't mean getting along in the way that they just sit and watch television in silence together, which is what i used to consider the definition of that term.  the 30 minutes of a show seemed to be the only thing that would stop the bickering and arguing and yelling.

no, i'm talking about creating games and wrestling {and not with the intent to inflict pain upon each other}, laughing, telling jokes and making forts.  in the summer, the kids get to each pick a t.v. show to watch while they're still fuzzy from sleep and before we get going on life.  well this morning, i heard some commotion going on while i was brushing my teeth so i walked out to see who was attempting sibling homicide this time, but the family room was empty with "curious george" playing to a lonely-looking couch.

i heard their voices coming from their bedroom and found them working together to create some sort of imaginary game with powers and avatars and things i knew nothing about.  i didn't dare let them see me--why would i take a chance disturbing the force?

i'm no idiot.

i finished brushing my teeth and moved to washing my face, my ears perked to hear the sounds of the likely impending war cries.  june waddled in and pulled herself up on the stool next to me for a chat while i continued getting myself ready.  as i did, i realized that not once have either of them asked for a friend to come over this week---unheard of.  caleb hasn't been begging to play video games, leah hasn't been tugging on my legs to continue our never-ending game of ponies in equestria.

normally they have bursts of times like this, 5 minutes in between a whole lot of trauma and drama.  but i'm coming up on days of realizing i haven't had to re-vamp my motivation and kindness charts like i usually do every fall, spring and summer break.  they finish their chores and then just figure out what to do.

could it be possible that they might actually be starting to --gulp--like each other??

i hope all of you are knocking on some sort of wood for me right now, because my knuckles are raw from doing it myself.


Rachel Chick said...

Hahaaaa! Awesomeness. I love these kind of posts. And I'm tellin' ya. Good things do start happening as they get older . . . sure there will be hiccups along the way, but eventually, they kinda just figure it out. I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I hope the rest of the week is wonderful!

Nana said...

I promise, you will see this again when they are older and it truly brings a warm smile to your face and a gentle nudge to your heart that maybe they see friendship in their siblings. Glad you got a few minutes seeing "heaven" on earth.