Wednesday, July 10, 2013

we made it.

we survived, we're getting settled, and i am {still} loving the floor plan of this home.  {it's the same one as the moldy house so we're all set up as far as curtains/trash cans/shower curtains go}  the bedrooms all upstairs, every kid in their own room, big master bedroom with enormous walk-in closet.  and bonus!  there's already grass in the backyard, AND it's mold-free.  so aside from the strange color they decided to paint the outside, it's a win, win, win.

of course, leah has informed us that they painted it this color just for her....and i won't let her believe any different.

we've had so much help the past couple of weeks, and i literally do not know how we could have pulled it off without the support of our friends here, babysitting, and packing, and loading up their trucks & cars to make this happen.  we're so grateful.

i'm on my way first thing in the morning to fly to utah for the weekend for a friend's wedding---boarding the ever-trusty Allegiant Airlines {sarcasm} to see what new adventures can ensue.  will the engine need to be manually started again?  how long will my flight be delayed?  i'm setting my expectations low so that if all goes well, i can start the weekend off on the right foot.

anyway, there's so much to write about--getting sentimental about the last home we lived in for 2 years, the results of leah's two sleep studies, what the next step is, and how i've learned yet again to trust my gut and fight for it--even if sometimes i look like an idiot initially.  or maybe not just initially.  :)

i'm hoping to have a little time to write this weekend, because the days at home have been so full of distractions and unpacking and trying to give my kids the attention they need.  i'll be busy but responsibility-free.

more to come!

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Nana said...

Here's hoping your flight and trip will be uneventful! At least uneventful of bad, yucky things. Hopefully you will get some time alone to think and relax. Looking forward to hearing more about Leah's sleep study. Glad your move went well. Always good to have it behind you! Enjoy your get away!