Friday, October 9, 2009

proof that nearly bald babies can get bedhead too.

when she woke up with fluff everywhere i realized that i don't give her head enough credit.
i keep referring to her as bald and i guess she wanted to prove me wrong.

point taken!


The Foster Bunch said...

What a cutie!!! That last picture has got to be the cutest I love her smile.
By the way I just got to watch the last episode of Real Mom's it was great. Thanks for sharing all those experiences with us. It was a fun thing to watch, and you for sure helped me as a mom. Thanks for putting you life out there.

K Harker said...

She don't know bald. Do you remember My darling baby girl? It looked like we bicked her head. She started to grow in hair at age 2, yes she was a baldy.
P.S. I like your "baldy's" bedhead too funny.

Garry and Mindy said...

I think it's cute! It's looks like a great baby style!

Wheat Family said...

What a good nights sleep she must have had! She is very very cute!

Jules said...

I love it!