Friday, October 2, 2009

RMG season finale episode!

hi there,

so the final episode of Real Mom's Guide was posted and it was fun to look back at the moments through the last 8 months. it's weird to forget that i was pregnant when this first started and leah is now 7 months old. so much has changed, and it's not just the hair. :)

i had a fabulous time, and loved getting to know ida, dana and vanessa. not to mention the great film and production crew. they were all so nice and patient and kind. (specifically kind when they didn't put my tears on the finale...much appreciated!)

so go on the website and watch the last episode. vote for your favorite moment on the show, and if you haven't become part of the Real Mom's Guide network yet, join up! they have fabulous articles, giveaways, and it's a wonderful network to make new friends and connect with women that are all dealing with the same issues that you are.


Meghan said...

I loved watching you all year Lynsey! Probably my favorite part about the show was watching you (am I biased?) mostly because you are so funny, have a great sense of humor and a great laugh. Please say you are coming back for season 2. Thanks for being a part of it all and being EXPOSED for a whole year of your life (and thank Ben too). And please start posting more to your blog. I've missed your posts! Where have you been???

Kira said...

It was great seeing you every week there for a little bit. You did such a great job! I loved it, and could relate to so much of what was on the shows.