Thursday, March 17, 2011

inspiration for dr. strader

my hard-working, facial-hair growing husband
is starting to get a move
on his dissertation for school.

which is like 150 pages or something insane like that.


so, i found a couple of inspirational prints to hang up in his office.
you know, to keep the mojo going.


referring to one of his favorite songs.

{print found here.}

and this:

 because he knows i'm kinda anti-facial hair  
{even though i still love him with or without his fuzzy face}

{print found here.}

and last of all, my personal favorite...this:

because those who are long-time readers of this blog know
that when he has had no one else to turn to for a listening ear,

{print found here.}

i sure do love this guy,

even when he makes me cut his hair so it's no longer curly {i love the curls!} 
and has not been able to break his habit of throwing wet towels over our
anything else with an ability to hold a wet towel.
for 8+ years now.


but, i know how hard he's working for us.

and there is no one,
no one!
i would rather pick up towels for,
or who
i'd rather spend my life with.


Rachel Chick said...

Awesome. I love the first one . . . wait, I love the last one. Nah. I love you. You're the best! The best I tell you! :)

Lindsay Jane said...

This is great. Still to this day I can't grate cheese without thinking of Ben and how sad he was one day when I threw away a few leftover shreds of cheese. Love ya both!

Melyni + Alma said...

Way cool!

MandM said...

I hated it when Mike was writing his: "something, something, something and attachment style"...see how well I pay attention? I even had to edit the whole stupid thing! I never saw him, but after he was done, man life was good. You'll make it through!!