Tuesday, July 12, 2011

on leah's walls....

leah's room is slanted, with vaulted ceilings in just one corner.  the empty space was enough to drive me crazy, trying to figure out how to fill it that would be inexpensive and do-able for my tired body.

i've always admired my friend fawn's style.  it's bright and colorful and happy.  she had these tissue pom-poms in her daughter kali's room and i had always thought they were cute & perfect for a girl's room.  so after asking her about them & she sent me the tutorial on facebook, and then i had the chance to practice with andrea who was making them for a luncheon she was having, i was ready to tackle them on my own.

then i found some colorful animal prints in this etsy shop, and bought frames during a buy one get one free sale at hobby lobby.  so the frames were cheaper than ikea frames {$4.50/each for the 8x10's, $3.00/each for the 5x7's}:

above her crib, these pictures were on her wall in our old house:

above her dresser  is a gift i'd been given years ago, i love the quote  {"just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly"}:

over all, i like the way things have turned out.  and i'm pretty sure leah does too, because every time she comes into her room, she looks up at the ceiling, whispers, "woooow, pretty flowers!" then puts on her crown, grabs her wand and calls herself princess leah.  


i still have things i want to do with her room, like re-paint her dresser.  
i have everything i need for it, now i just need to work up the energy/time/pushpasttheswollenankles to get it done.

p.s.  a shout out to the man of the hour...a very patient & bearded husband
who i know didn't want to spend an afternoon off hanging the pom-poms, but did it anyway.
now that's love.


Rachel Chick said...

Love! You can come decorate with me any time, my friend.

Rachel Holloway said...

oh. my. word. HELLO INCREDIBLE! Now, please. Promptly come to my home and help me out. The un-inspiring beige is just making me bonkers! I need your "think outside the box" awesomeness!