Tuesday, September 14, 2010

in leah's room

aside from a couple of things that i want to add, here are some pictures of leah's room so far.

it's kind of a work in progress, like most of the rooms, 
but i think it turned out nice.
i became more focused on getting things out of boxes and put away than getting my craft on 
{and obviously ironing her curtains},

but i do have a couple of ideas when things slow down around here.

most of all i love to watch her play in it.

oh my goodness sometimes i feel like my heart is going to burst open
with how much i love this little girl.


did i mention she's officially 18 mos?  
guess i'm going to have to do the update on what she's doing now.

***adorable "leah" blanket made by her amazing aunt allison.  i keep telling her she should sell them, each one she makes is so cute & individual & so soft.  thanks again, al!  even though you were okay with it, i told you that i wouldn't allow her to poop or barf on it.  :)

***thank you for your comments about caleb's MRI. some of the results have come back and luckily he is out of the woods for surgery.  as far as a diagnosis, it looks as though there is one now.  i'll write more about it as soon as i wrap my head around it.

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Rachel H. said...

totally sweet! What a cute little room you've made! :)