Wednesday, September 21, 2011

8 weeks.

 it's been almost two months since june has been born,
and looking back on the pictures we've taken of the past two months,
i've realized how busy we've been.  
so for our blog book purposes,
i'm going to post a bunch of pictures without much explanation.

date time.

cousin time.

saying good-bye time.

tummy time.

band-aid time.

relaxing time.

crazy hair day time.

sister time.

 bath time.

play time.

grandma time.


papa time.

creative time.

laughing time.

first dead fish time.

dancing time.

family time.

sleeping time.


Rachel Holloway said...

Seriously some of the most incredible pictures. LOVE the grandma time ones. Hoping you framed those suckers--they are GORGEOUS!

ohmylanta said...

Great post. Pictures speak volumes!