Friday, September 9, 2011

little nugget, 6 weeks.

caleb was little mister.
leah was sweet pie.

madame june is little nugget.  or for short, i call her "nug."

you know, i get it now when others say that the newborn stage flies by.  with my other two, i wanted time to fly by.  

specifically with caleb.  after 5 months of what felt like the longest consecutive days of my life, the older he got, the easier he became.  his issues ran deeper and he never became an easy or even really content baby.  but i have to say, he was a pretty great toddler and is now an even better kid.  so you know, it comes in waves i guess.  it all evens out.

with leah, i was on a countdown for that 3 month mark when i was praying that her colic would subside.  and thankfully, it did and she turned into a happy baby and a content and happy toddler.

but ohmygoodness, with june.....things are different.  she is snuggly, and sleeps best when she's being held, but also sleeps pretty great on her own.  specifically at night, she has been mostly awesome.  i hate saying this because i remember feeling bitter when others would say that their baby slept through the night without training, after alllll of the rigamarole {yes i just used that word and dated myself back to around 1820} i went through with my first two.  i burned out a hair dryer with caleb, because i got so desperate for him to sleep and when i would turn it on he would finally zonk out.  i also burned out a vacuum with him, for the same reason.  i remember a shocked ben coming out of our bedroom, finding me asleep on the couch with caleb on my chest, a vacuum running right next to my face.   desperate times, folks.

june burps on her own and poops on her own.  on! her! own!  what the heck?  babies can do this??  it blows my mind and i pretty much throw a celebratory party for her each time it happens.  and tell her how proud i am of her, like she's accomplished something so fantastic.  but to me, she has. after the hours and hours of coercing burps out of leah so she could relax for a few minutes, and daily q-tip/ky jelly suppositories with both of them to work out gas and what was behind it, this new realm of june being somewhat self-sufficient in this area is refreshing .  the only time she really cries or gets uncomfortable is when she has a bubble that needs to be worked out.  and it lasts only a few minutes, and then she's calm again.

initially i thought she was going to look like a carbon copy of caleb.  but as her cheeks have filled out & the newborn fuzziness has worn off, i'm seeing a whole lot of similarities between what leah looked like as a baby.  so who knows who she'll end up looking like?
she has amazingly long eyelashes, but right now they're blonde.  if they darken though, watch out world! 
the kids are both still great with her.  my mornings with my two girls are so fun.  just yesterday, leah introduced june to a very important friend:

she's talking now, saying the adorable "ah-goo" sound.  her baby zits are finally clearing up, and we work daily on growing her some hair on the top of her little noggin.    

other than that, she is a content, sweet baby.  who started smiling this week, and her smile melts my heart. 

so as a mother for the third time, i find myself for the first time wanting to slow down the clock, and for my newborn to stay little.


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad she's such a happy baby for you...she is adorable! :)

ohmylanta said...

So you are a nickname family too?!

We love nicknames for the little pickles. Now that they are getting older and we keep coming up with more nicknames for each of them, they seem to get frustrated that we never use their real name. I have been lectured a few times for never articulating ELAINA's name correctly. Elaine, Lainy or Magoo are no longer acceptable. It's E.Lain.A!

What extra names have your other kiddos picked up?