Wednesday, October 26, 2011


 {this is june, when she's excited.}

{caleb and leah, when they're excited.}

{ben when he's excited....or, just being a dork.}

 {annnnnd me.  i couldn't find a true "excited" picture of myself.  
it was a toss up between this one & one during labor with june, which was more "freaked out" than "excited" so i went with this one.  
which is really just a picture of me flipping my hair up & andrea snapping away.  
but i look pretty excited about it, don't i?}

so, friends.

i'm excited to let you know that i'm now part of the Baby Half Off team as their company blogger!!

this was the dream i was referring to in this post....getting paid to write and do something that i love, while also being able to stay home with my kids.  i have thought for a long time i was asking for too much, that i wouldn't be able to find something that fit me so perfectly.  i'm so grateful for this opportunity and for how much it will help our family out.

this isn't the first job along these lines that i've applied for.  there was an offer a few months ago {right after june was born} that ended up falling through.  i was disappointed, and tried really hard not to tell myself that it was because i wasn't good enough....easier said than done.

but i really feel that part of this whole thing was actually believing that i could do it.  then saying it out loud to someone, and then finally....putting myself out there and asking for what i was hoping for.  and the timing has been perfect.

the company is great, they have AMAZING deals, and the people i work with are wonderful.  

so i get to write over there, doing product reviews, hosting giveaways and also doing video blogs {yikes!  i'm much better behind the computer than i am on camera.} while also continuing to write for myself & my family over here.

anyway, that's the big news!!  i am so excited about it.  now i just have to figure out how to handle all that is on my plate without going prematurely gray....

so here's my first post, with a giveaway to follow tonight!!

an enormous THANK YOU to my friends and family who have supported me and believed in me....even before i could believe in myself. 


Erika said...

That is seriously so awesome, Lynsey!!!! I read your article and it was a perfect intro!!!! I am way excited for you I didn't even consider that you could apply for a job being a blogger. You are a wonderful writer and I've loved your blog for forever and you will do amazing I am sure.

Becky Slivka said...

i read your first post and you are going to be awesome! congrats.

Rachel Chick said...

HOORAY!!! You are amazing. Your post was perfectomundo! And I'm sorry if my comment there is too stupid. I actually wrote two much stupider comments and deleted them before I settled on the hilarity that I posted. :)

I'm so happy for you, Lynsey. You are going to be great. You are honestly one of the most compelling writers I've ever read. {Wait, that doesn't make sense . . . most compelling writers . . . whose work . . . I've read. Yep. That sounds . . . much better.}

Man, I'm killer tonight. Anyway. Congrats! I'm really, really happy for you!

campblondie said...

You do look excited in that picture! I might venture to say I was there for that one, although I'm under the impression this picture taking thing happens often so perhaps it was a different time. I digress.
I am so happy for you! What a wonderful opportunity! You will be wonderful and did I mention I miss you and Andrea more than I can say? Well I do. Congrats beautiful lady. :)

Wendi said...

YAY!!!! I want to join in with all the excited cheers! Congratulations! You are perfect for this, and while I don't often comment (my bad). I ABSOLUTELY love your blog. You are AMAZING. The end.

Nana said...

I just love you! I can't think of a better person to blog than you! If I didn't know you....I might think you were perfect in every way!! But because I do.....I know you're as close as they come. You are brilliant beyond your years...if I do say so myself. And teach me so much and I'm twice your age! I could be your mother...(and I'm sure you are happy I'm not!!!) And I love your mom!!
Good luck my dear! You will rock the socks off those readers.....that I am sure of and they will love you almost as much as I do!!

ohmylanta said...

Oh WOWZERS! So umm..... you can disregard my comment on the above posting. This answers my question.

How exciting Lyns! You are a great writer! What a fitting job for you. I can't wait to keep up on your new postings.