Friday, January 20, 2012


next up?  

teaching her mom calculus.

have a great weekend!!


MandM said...

So cute! Your little nugget just keeps on growing.

ohmylanta said...

What a great picture!

What a cutie!

So I totally have to apologize for my last comment. It was so short and a bit ridiculous. I really really wanted to post a novel of a comment, but my time just didn't permit at the moment.

I have thought about you a lot. I think I need to spend more time blogging for my positive psychie. (spell?)

Right now, the only computer time I get is at the end of the day when my man brings his laptop home from work. Quite different from the arrangemnt I had at my moms home where I could pop on her MAC anytime! Jeesh.

Give me a month to get through all these adjustments in my life, and I will be a much better online buddy!

I hope you are all doing fantastically!

ps. obvisouly arizona didn't pan out. In fact, the company even got rid of their southern Utah position. Yesterday when I woke, the temp was so cold that my thermometer could not read it. And my thermometer reads down to -21 degrees.

Kid you not..... it is insanely cold here and impossible to warm up after stepping outside to take the trash to the curb.

(not great condiditons for being newbies in the area. I am just a hermit!)