Wednesday, January 18, 2012

where the magic happens.

our day was kind of lazy on monday, and at one point found all 5 of us laying on our bed.  it started with june, who had been playing with toys while i put away some laundry.  then ben found her, laid down, and started talking to her.  eventually our other two kids sauntered into the room, wondering where the rest of us had gone, and both requested to be lifted up.  that's when i couldn't help myself.  

we stayed there for a half an hour or more, talking and laughing.  goofing around and teasing each other.  

there's something sacred-feeling about our bed.  it eliminates unkindness between siblings, and stress from school or work.  we're free from insecurities and fears, or jealousy and competitiveness.  it becomes just us, our little family.  it's a place where we can just be. 

and gives us a moment to realize that we are really happy together, and have a whole lot of love for each other.



MandM said...

My favorite time of day is our family cuddle first thing in the morning. We do it every morning for 20ish minutes. It really sets the tone of the day.

ohmylanta said...

You must have a bigger bed than we do! :)