Saturday, June 2, 2012

blogging, interrupted.

so i love how i give a big dramatic speech about how i will still blog, because i need it and it's wonderful and where did my friends go?  {which by the way, i love you friends who commented!  and am glad you're still on this ride with me.}  

and then life hits, in the form of:

this little girl getting sick for over 2 weeks with strep and a double ear infection....

where i got to sleep on her floor for over a week because of her middle-of-the-night coughing attacks that would most often end up in vomiting.

which included 2 visits to the urgent care, where she is allergic to amoxicillin, so we had to try another medicine that did not help, and then finally resting on a third one that eventually took care of it.

all of this, caused me to miss out on a lot of things for this boy....

like writing about his big seventh birthday....which will come soon.  and going to an awards ceremony for his1st grade graduation {an award for testing in the high-3rd grade level for reading, and an award for having the best positive attitude}, and getting to go to his last day of school for a picture of him with his teacher.  or pulling together any of the fun last-day-of-school surprises i had up my sleeve.

and i had to cancel on a friend who was in need of a baby-sitter several times because of the plague going on at our house, which i always feel badly about....and poor ben had to stay home with sick leah  from a surprise good-bye party we had helped plan for our friends who were moving.

then, as soon as leah started to finally feel better, and we had 24 hours to breathe and get out of the house to get some things done, i co-hosted a bridal shower for this lovely lady.....

where in the middle of that going on at my house, i'm receiving phone calls from ben, telling me that caleb is sick at a friend's birthday party and needs to be taken to the urgent care.  so we go back for the 3rd time in a week, with the second diagnosis of strep and a double ear infection.

and i'm trying my best not to be disappointed, because just an hour after the bridal shower is over, i am packing for what should have been a family trip for a really fun, all-expenses paid weekend retreat with my work.  we don't get a lot of time together as a family, especially out-of-the-house fun and free time.  we had been really looking forward to it, but instead it's just june and i, with ben staying home again with the sick kids.

while in that lovely, spacious hotel room with a huge kitchen, june is not acting like herself.  which means she is really un-happy and not sleeping.  all of my best laid plans for watching a movie, or catching up on work, or sleeping in a bed for heaven's sakes....are all foiled.  and i stay up almost all night long, trying to get her to sleep for more than 20 minutes and hoping the neighbors on either side of my hotel room aren't going to knock on my door to tell my sweet baby to pipe down.

i return exhausted, only to go to urgent care for the 4th time in a week.

june has her first ear infection of her life, a double.  because why not?  i'm grateful it's not strep though, and want the medication for her just so she can start to feel better.  i had been missing my easy-going baby girl.

merely hours after expressing my gratitude to ben that at least june seems to have a stronger stomach than our first two who have already both repeatedly vomited this week, poor june throws up.  it's so sad when a toddler or kid throws up, it's an entirely different story when it's a baby.  my heart just breaks for them.  

so that is how things have been going in my life.  in between the hard there has been a lot of good.  i hate when my kids are sick because i don't like to see them suffer, but i love when my kids are sick because it forces life to slow down and i get to hold them more.  

the best part of being a mother is being there for them during these times, no matter how tired i am, or how much my back hurts from sleeping on their floor.  i am their comfort, and i lose myself and my pride and selfish desires when i get to serve them. 

and in turn, this becomes my comfort.  knowing that i may not be good at a lot of things, but i am really great at being their mom, especially when they need me most. 

summer has begun this week, and all of the 3 littles are feeling better.  the heat has arrived like an unwelcome guest, and now i'm scrambling to find a schedule that is full of activities, and chores, and reading, and cheap entertainment in places that provide shade and air conditioning. 

life is full, and good.   

blogging may have to be on the back-burner during times like these,

but i am still here.  and i'm glad you are too.


Garry and Mindy said...

So I'm sitting here wondering how weird it is how much we think are just so much better at writing it so well! I've been trying to get on for over a week to blog almost the same feelings about my little boy who was just in the hospital. And it hasn't just been this time that that has happened where I've wanted to blog something and there you go and put it into words that I couldn't find! Oh and the really nice thing about strep is a) antibiotics can treat it and b) kids under 2 typically don't get strep. But ear infections...that is horrible! Sounds like you've had the run around with sickies lately! No fun! Hope you have a great summer! Love ya!

Garry and Mindy said...

Oh, and your pictures are definitely way better! :)

Christy said...

Oh Lynsey! I've been on Mason's floor for a week...but for a much different reason. It's not fun. I hope YOU are recovering from the kiddos being sick!

Nana said...

I'm so sorry your kids have been sick. It's awful when they are all after another. You have a wonderful attitude. I hope you and Ben don't get sick from sheer exaustion! Sending love and get well wishes your way.

Haiku Amy said...

Its so hard when kids are sick. Especially the babies. While I was reading this my son saw that picture of June and said, "I want to look at that picture. It's cute."

ohmylanta said...

I hear you. I hear you.

I am finding it difficult to blog with the kids home. I swear I use every piece of my brain power just to get through the summer daily routine!

Sorry to hear about your kids. Those sick times seem to come in waves. It's crazy, but you shed a great perspective on it.

ohmylanta said...

Oh yeah.

My goodness you know how to host a party! Look at that beautiful spread of deliciousness!