Wednesday, July 4, 2012

a lazy update wrapped up in one paragraph.

{this picture was taken today, where i was able to swing for about 2 entire minutes.  
then i was so overcome with motion sickness that i almost threw up on my nephew next to me.  
is this what getting old feels like?}

blogging, blogging, blogging,

i miss you.

i am on vacation right now, but there is so much to say.

going off of sugar for 40 days and totally rocking it....then bringing it back in and only days later i find myself in full swing of the addiction....father's day...june growing up so fast {almost 1!!  and took her first steps yesterday!  i have to say here, i am so grateful she took her sweet time on those steps.  leah had been walking for almost 3 months by this time and i do NOT miss that.}... how i wash and moisturize my face with only oil now.  yes you read that right, oil....leah taking me to some emotional limits in both good ways and hard....friends moving causing unexpected emotional turmoil {unexpected because usually it's US leaving others behind and now we are the ones being left}....the fact that caleb has not yet lost a tooth has kind of become an obsession for my entire family....andrea's wedding coming up quickly and i cry every time i think about it because i'm so happy for her {how on earth am i going to make it through my maid of honor speech??}....realizing in such a big way that i'm not built for chaos, but built for quiet and peace and routine, and how i'm pushing myself to find the balance.....also realizing that one of my biggest pet peeves of all are people who want to be perpetual victims of circumstances {and other epiphanies along those lines}....being so grateful for the time i get with my family right now, they are just some really great people.....the ups and downs of life.....what!  caleb's birthday!  on may 16!  i haven't even posted that!  i'm ashamed of myself. 

well, sort of.

blogging for me has its ebbs and flows, but for some reason the ebb is taking from the flow for the past few months.

busy?  check.  tired?  check.  a smidgeon overwhelmed?  check.  out enjoying life?  check, check.

i want to get caught up.

i want to go to bed before 1 a.m.  {well, here in utah it's almost 2 a.m.}

i want my under eye circles to disappear without the need for surgery.

i want to write.

i want some peace and quiet to write.  


we can't have everything we want, can we?  

i'm glad i have the things i do, and live the life that i live.  

see you soon.

i hope.

p.s. happy birthday, america!  as screwed up we are as a country, i'm grateful for the life that i've been able to live here.

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ohmylanta said...

I am glad you are enjoying time in Utah with your family. Everyone is so busy this summer - blogging has to take a back seat. Then....when the weather is gloomy and depressing- blogging becomes therapeutic!

Have fun!