Friday, July 20, 2012

my birthday project.

it's time for our favorite game:

two truths and a lie.  

ready?  here we go!

my name is lynsey.

i am short.

i love celebrating my birthday.


did you guess which one was a lie??

okay okay, it's true.  i seriously don't like to celebrate my birthday.  and it doesn't have anything to do with getting older, i've been this way for a couple of decades now and have tried to figure out the reason, and it might surprise you, but here it is:

i don't like to be the center of attention.

it's true!  stop laughing!    

i know it sounds ironic coming from someone who agreed to be in an online show where there were cameras on me while i was giving birth, or have taken on a job now where i'm asked to do weekly video blogs featuring yours truly....but it's the truth!   

at heart, i'm a friendly person, but i'm not someone who likes to be in a big crowd, having everyone stare while the spotlight shines on my perspiring little face.  which is sort of what happens {at least in my mind} during birthdays.  having people sing, being given presents and then being watched while i open them...eeek!  gives me the willies just thinking about it.

however, i have realized through the years that just like weddings, and having babies,  and all sorts of other things, my birthday is not just about me.  it's about those who love me celebrating with me and for me and when i act the way i feel inside, that i don't want to do anything or have anything done for me.... i pretty much ruin it for them.

so, what's a girl to do when she doesn't want to be the center of attention on her birthday, but doesn't want to ruin it for others?


a couple of months ago, i was talking to my sister on the phone who asked me if i'd heard of 

the birthday project.

i hadn't, so she explained that it was an idea from one awesome lady who decided that she wanted to spend her 38th birthday doing 38 random acts of kindness for other people, and encouraged her friends, family and facebook contacts to do one random act of kindness too, and leave her a comment on either her blog or facebook page telling her what it was.


me celebrating my birthday doing kind things for other people, and asking those who love me to do something kind for someone else is exactly how i would love to spend my birthday. i love the thought of celebrating life by helping others. 

ben and the kids and i have been compiling a list of the 32 random acts of kindness that we're going to have so much fun doing.  

you know something i've always said i'd love to do when i'm rich {ha!} is to find a mom with her kids at a grocery store and buy her groceries.  but i realized while making this list that at this time in my life i may not be able to do that, but i can buy her a gift card to help with her groceries.  or even better!  for free, i can help her load her groceries in her car.  {anyone else loathe that part or is it just me?  usually my kids are just done by that point you know?}

this has been especially a great project for my sweet caleb, who at 7 years old is so fixated on what we get for our birthday that this idea has kind of blown his little mind.  "what? no presents?  none?"  it's been a great lesson for him already.

and i have a feeling it's going to be a really really great day.

***so this is where YOU come in! 

*PLEASE join me and my family this weekend in doing one random act of kindness for someone else, and if you can, give them a note to pay it forward!  

*PLEASE leave a comment here, or on my facebook page, by sunday, July 22nd, telling me what you have done as your random act and i'm going to post all of the comments on my blog after the weekend is over.  

*and please SHARE this with your friends and family!  i want to see how many people will do one kind thing for someone else....let's see how big this can get!

thank you in advance, i'm so excited for this!!  

"no act of kindness, however small,
is ever wasted."


P.S.  I decided that my last R.A.O.K. will be to randomly select one person who comments here or on facebook to receive a $10 gift card to Target from me!!  So please make sure to leave a comment here so you can enter!


Rachel Holloway said...

LOVE THIS and am excited to participate!

Meggan Hayes said...

Count me in! (and happy birthday!)

The Foster Bunch said...

This so awesome, what a great idea!! My little family would love to join you in this Birthday adventure!!
Happy Birthday to a wonderful, and caring friend as well, I hope your day is wonderful!!!

Nana said...

I will love to do this.
I agree with you and birthdays. Thanks to you ( and Lauren)
I might have to do this for my birthday. Thanks for giving me a different perspective on birthdays. I think this is a great idea!
Happy Birthday to one of my most favorite people in the whole world. Love you Lynsey! Have a great day!

Rachel Holloway said...

Well, I have been thinking of you--LOTS! So I especially loved this little birthday challenge! Everywhere I looked, I was trying to think of a great way to give to someone else! I LOVED IT!
I offered to unload someone's groceries onto the cart while chit-chatting with her about her upcoming grandkid visit...
And today I went through the drive thru of chick-fil-a JUST so I could buy the meal of the person behind me. It was like Christmas! I LOVED it!
Thank you for encouraging such kindness and for giving me a great weekend to look for ways to pay it forward!

lynsey said...

yay rachel! you're the first one to comment and you are AWESOME for doing those kind things! we've been out this afternoon and evening working on my list of 32 and it has been so much fun so far!

i'm really hoping that we can get a lot of people to participate and THANK YOU for joining in & for commenting. love you my friend!! :)

Jessica Marie said...

This is a great idea and I applaud you for helping us all become better people. In honor of your birthday I decided to become a better coworker to a person who drives me crazy and who I struggle to like. This week I offered to help her with her job and followed through as well as trying to learn more about her and her family. I think that we've become closer and that I understand her better. Thank you for the inspiration.

lynsey said...

yay jess, i love your idea! you went above and beyond a random act of kindness and i love how you not only made someone's day but potentially changed an entire relationship. thank YOU for inspiring ME!

Anonymous said...

I rocked and held a baby all night that is in our NICU for drug withdrawals. I sang and hummed her some of our favs....Bob, The Avetts, Brandie, and Cat Stephens to name a few. Anyway, I thought of you and I give myself a little extra credit for having the restraint to not punch the mom in the face when she came in and wants to blame everyone else for her problems, all the while oblivious to the suffering innocent baby! So there you go, my present to you is spreading good musical taste, soothing a sweet babe, and not knocking a meth addict's last 3 good teeth out! You're welcome! :) And thanks for the reminder that when we are in the service of others, we are in the service of God. Happy Birthday.


Rachel Holloway said...

And if anyone is still looking for a random, but extremely meaningful act of kindness to do, my cousin's 14 mo old was killed in an accident and we are trying to put together the funds to help pay for the funeral. I would be happy to share the paypal link if anyone is willing to contribute. They are so financially strapped, and then to have this unforeseen tragedy occur has been completely heartbreaking.
I donated and am trying to provide them with an outpouring of love and support from friends and strangers alike. :)

lynsey said...

al, your act of kindness made me both laugh and cry. last good 3 teeth! and seriously, nurses are constantly doing acts of kindness and that baby was lucky to be held & sung to by you. thanks for participating!!

Anonymous said...

I donated to this. My heart goes out to them. I cant imagine even losing my dog. A child so young. I just donated what i wouldve spent on lyns gift = .25cents max (; anyway, i hope they get enough people giving a little to really help out in a big way.
Thanks lyn this was a cool thing to do. I have the coolest most understanding and empathetic sisters. I love you lyn so much! Happy birffffday.
- TyStead

Oh and i totally am the same way about my birfday. I tell people still that its the 17th (long story) and a few people still send me little notes and stuff. Or i would tell friends the truth... That my birthday was the 8th but id tell them on the 13th or something so theyd know it was already over. They akways canceled the party they were thinking about doing on the 17th and i slip out of my birthday each year. I was weird. (:

Bec said...

We helped a single mom by sharing our stroller and treats on Temple Square. (I hope this counts even though we already knew and loved this lady before serving her!)

Hope your birthday rocked, Lyns!

lynsey said...

thanks @rachel for sharing is so heartbreaking to hear of someone losing their child. and @ty, thank you for donating. isn't it funny that you & i are the same and lauren is just the opposite? how did that happen? :) love you! @becky, that totally counts! you have been such an example to me of doing kind and generous things for others...i'm so grateful for your friendship and example!

ohmylanta said...

But you have the perfect personality for being the center of attention. You are spontaneous and witty!

I am not sure how "random" mine is....but I made 75 cinnamon rolls (delicious I might add) and delivered them to every one of my neighbors. (even the neighbors I don't know) I delivered a plate to the Bishop of our ward (he has a thankless job, so I attached a note of appreciation) We also delivered a plate to my daughters primary teacher - a sweet man who definitely didn't make it out of primary unscathed this last Sunday!

It was so fun to get out of the house and do something nice for others.

Thanks for the challenge.
Happy Birthday!

Rachel Holloway said...

Lynsey, thank you so much for your support! You had already gone above and beyond and served so many people, so passing this along and reaching out to them was SO incredible. THANK YOU. I know they are beyond grateful for the donations they've received. And even though they are far from having enough to bury their baby, they're getting there.

The Foster Bunch said...

First off I have to say thank you, this has been such a wonderful experience, and has really made me look for the good things we can do.
We have new neighbors and know them a little,not well. They are nice, but not all that friendly especially the husband. Anyways a week ago I noticed he was on crutches. I wondered what happened, but went about our own business. Let me back up. I have been complaining about these neighbors because of their lack in keeping up their yard. The previouse owner was immaculate with this yard and always made me feel like I had to keep it the same way because our lawns connect. Well the new owners have not been so immaculate, and I was really starting to get annoyed. Well back to the crutches, I noticed, but like I said shrugged it off. Well I have been them and your birthday wish. I have not been able to get them out of my mind. So today my boys and I were able to mow their lawn and trim the weeds around their yard. It was great to give service to our neighbors, I am hoping this will help to get to know them better.
Again thank you, and I hope you had a fantastic birthday, you are such a wonderful person. I am so blessed to call you my friend.

Charlotte said...

Happy Birthday to June! I just remembered that I never told you what I did...

It seems really small and insignificant now, but I took some time to write a letter of gratitude and encouragement to an old friend who I thought needed it.

I hope you had a fantastic birthday!