Friday, October 12, 2012

the whirlwind begins!!

here is miss junie b. jones, helping me pack today.

i leave tomorrow for kentucky, with the ladies from my work to attend an expo and do my best not to make a fool of myself approaching professionals while trying to act like a professional.

then i fly to meet ben and the kids in utah for a weekend we have been looking forward to....ben's mom is getting married!!  we are so happy for her, and really like the groom-to-be, paul.  

so my continuous blogging {ha! i'm so funny.} may take a hiatus, or maybe it won't?  maybe i'll have more opportunities than i'd imagined, not having my three little people to take care of for a few days.

sniff, sniff.

as exhausting as this motherhood thing is some days {or nights, like tonight specifically} i sure love my family.  and it will be hard for me to be away, not able to hear caleb's excited chatter, or see leah's imagination at work, or feel june wrap her little arms--and toes--around me.  and that no matter how late ben walks through the door, to be able to kiss him hello, and then a few minutes later goodnight.  it's only a few days, but for some reason i've felt anxious about leaving this time.  

anyway, i won't dwell on that.  instead i'll just dwell on how much love i have from 4 people, and how much love i feel for them.  all of the hard, all of it.  

is worth it.

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ohmylanta said...

Have a wonderful trip Lyns!

This sounds like a great opportunity for you. Lately I have been wishing for opportunities that will help me grow. (I think I am ready to expand my mind. Strange. To feel that way after 12 years of raising young kids! ??? Ha)

So.... I am excited for you to have this professional experience. The chance to grow in a new way. Best of luck. You'll do great!