Tuesday, October 30, 2012

work trips and wedding weekends.

well, we got home last week from all of the fun and i will only admit it to you..i JUST finished completely unpacking.  how embarrassing to admit, but whatever.  unpacking is completely un-fun in my book.  snore, bore.  

anyway, lots to share.  

the work trip to louisville was a lot of fun.  i feel really grateful to be able to work for and with such a great group of people.  you never know what's going to happen when you stick 6 women in 2 adjoining hotel rooms, but we had a fantastic time and all got along so well.  and i think i may have even come off as professional to a few people at the expo we went to...who knew i had it in me?!  

here are some pictures from that trip, all from my phone because it was the only camera i had on me:

and then i flew to las vegas to catch a shuttle to st. george, where ben, the kids and the rest of ben's family were staying for a few days.  5 minutes into the 2 hour shuttle ride the ladies behind me started talking politics and i knew i was in for a looooong drive.  surprisingly neither of them were able to convince the other to see their side.  shocking, i know!  i wonder when my politically-charged facebook friends will realize the same thing...wink.

i kept my opinions to myself even though there were some things i would have loved to have said, but that's not how i roll.  instead i buried my head in a book...oh yes!  i read an entire book in 2 days.  that in and of itself is a miracle.  i've missed reading, escaping into something besides my own little life.  

once i got to st. george it was a non-stop party and love fest.  ben has been blessed with some amazing family and i sure love them.   

first we celebrated matt's (ben's oldest brother) son donovan's baptism, which was so special.  he is such a good kid and we love matt & jennie and wish we lived closer to them.

then we celebrated the wedding of ben's mom ginny and her new husband paul, and it was a really special and emotional day.  ben and i are so excited for them, and so glad we were able to be there. 

now for a bunch of pictures of people you may or may not recognize: 

overall, we came home exhausted, happy, and ready to sleep in our own beds.  

next up?  halloween!  


Meggan Hayes said...

I think the most professional picture of you is the one where you are about to devour the entire bucket of extra crispy wings...I want to be professional like that. ;)

ohmylanta said...

Oh my gosh Lyns!

So.... I am rolling down through your pictures and all of a sudden I see this enormous photo of my cute and darling nephew Jake. And I think.....What the heck?

Then... the next photo down I see my sister in law Jennie....and I think....What the hay?

Then...I got it. Your mother in law just got married. And to who? My sister in law's dad. Are we confused yet? Paul's daughter Jennie is a Tanner. She is married to my hubby's brother....and her dad just married your mother in law. How fun is that?

Just yesterday I was getting all the wedding details from Jennie. She told me that she was so happy for her dad because he was marrying a wonderful woman. But now, I am even more excited for your families, because I think you will get along great!

Cory and Jennie are so much fun. They lived across the street from us in Boise - it was like one big party all the time!

I know, (because my parents have remarried) that it isn't always easy to get to know the new step siblings, but hopefully you will have occasions to bond.

Congratulations on the marriage. Paul is a very talented and good good man! And he is obviously lucky to have found a sweet and strong woman!

ohmylanta said...

ps. I called Jennie right away to tell her my findings and she wanted me to send her the link to your blog so that she could keep in touch a little.
I think this blog is private (right?)

If you feel so inclined, her email address is: coryandjennie@gmail.com