Tuesday, December 25, 2012

christmas eve 2012!

we were planning on it just being our little family for christmas eve, but the day before we were invited by some friends to join them & some of their family for christmas eve dinner and re-creating the nativity with the kids.  

well.  you know those awkward situations when you feel like a complete third wheel, and no one really talks to you, and you realize you're totally out of place?

luckily, this was nothing like that!  we were welcomed with hugs, and kindness and felt so at home.  i should have known, because we were invited by the grahams who are that way with everyone.  not having any family close by can be tough, but we're grateful to have such good friends, and friends who have really welcoming families.

unfortunately for me, i came down with the plague the day before and had completely lost my voice.  fortunately for them, i had completely lost my voice.  i think my kids were in heaven all day.  ha ha!  

anyway, here are the pictures:

{who had just finished her pre-performance dinner}


the angel.

my personal favorite...the star.

the sheep {who refused to wear a costume & insisted on playing a trumpet}
and a wise man.

the reinactment.

part of the audience.

in our christmas pj's.  except you can only see june's, 
so you'll just have to take my word for it....

the preparation.

i was feeling really rough by this time, 
but was so excited to see what christmas day would hold.

i seriously love christmas.

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