Wednesday, August 27, 2008

when marketing DoEsN't lie.

most of the time i am skeptical to ads & commercials. i usually get sucked in pretty easily but at the heart of things, i know they are things i can live without. however, when traveling with my dad to arizona a week or so ago, i discovered one of the best & most honest ads for a product:

"once you pop you can't stop."

have you ever heard anything more true? 


Erika said...

Thanks for planting THAT craving in me. Where are my kids? We're going to the store!!! :)

campblondie said...

Amen sista, Amen.

Dana Broderick said...

funny! we'd agree with you. if a bag of chips is open in our home, more than likely, it's gone.

I really laughed at your Arizona post!!! Is it really that bad? For some people, I know it is. I'm going to have a pool someday and I'll spend all summer in it, but I'm an Arizonan at heart so it doesn't bother me....seriously! (people don't believe me)

Becky Slivka said...

Welcome to Arizona - it will be fun to get together with you sometime. I can't say I think it is terrible because we are so far south in Tucson, but we were in Phoenix last weekend and I about died at how hot it was at night - good luck with that! And I also love pringes, but I don't like them because the canister shows you just how much you've actually eaten whereas the bag chips, it just a rough guess.

Lauren Horsley said...

I'm totally with you on this one. Here are a few more truth-telling ads that come to mind:

Olive Garden - "When You're Here, You're Family" (so true - I always leave there feeling loved, well-fed and fat)

And from what I understand, Rice A Roni really is the SanFrancisco treat.