Friday, August 8, 2008

take two of these and...tell me you're joking

just read my friend kelly's post & had already been thinking about this one for quite some time. but for kelly, who felt her root canal story was "whining," think again.

it's been a while since i've been pregnant. over 3 years to be exact. so i had forgotten/blocked out a lot. don't get me wrong, we were elated to find out we are having another & just praying this kid is healthy. but i feel that a lot of that pressure is on me since i'm the one cooking the wee lad/lassie. so i stay away from caffeine, overexerting myself, blah blah. but here is a pet peeve.

from the last two posts you can see i was somewhat under the weather a couple of weeks ago, on top of finishing my first trimester. i had a major sinus infection (but what felt more like the ebola virus, i imagine) which literally attacked me from all sides.

so there was vomiting, sneezing, diarrhea, fever, body aches and a headache that literally felt at one point that someone had been hitting me with a hammer during my sleep. and what could i turn to for some aid amidst all of this pain?


i might as well have been taking two m&m's for all the good that it did me. and so that is my pet peeve during pregnancy. and conversations from 3 years ago started to come back, the veil was lifted, and i recall dialing the nurse's line at my doctor's office & things going something like this:

lynsey: hi, i'm pregnant and have a migraine that hasn't gone away in 3 days. i can barely function. what can i take for it?

nurse: take two tylenol.

l: hi, my sciatic nerve is killing me and i can barely walk. what can i take for the pain?

n: have you tried tylenol?

l: hi, my liver is now failing due to all of the tylenol i have taken over the past 9 months. how do i get that treated?

n: hmmmm... well i heard there is now an extended release tylenol. you might want to go in that direction.

so yes, this is an overdramatization. but seriously, last week when i got sick i kept that little bottle next to my bedside hoping and praying that someone, somewhere, had figured out a way to not only make it safe for pregnant women, but also effective for pregnant women. too much to ask? apparently so.

and ben comes down with my exact illness a couple of days later. i glared at our countertop full of nyquil, dayquil, decongestants & ibuprofen. he was back on his feet in a mere 24 hours while i am still to this day sniffling the effects of a sinus infection away.

so there you go kel, your whine posting has been knocked down a peg by my pessimistic attitude and non-stop ramblings about an ineffective over-the-counter medication.

looking forward to the next 6 months.


WolfleyFamily said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Btw, Tylenol did nothing for me - in fact, it seemed like I only felt more nauseated when I took it. Anyway, with my second pregnancy, when I talked to my doctor, he okayed ibuprofen for the first two trimesters - maybe you can talk to your current doctor and get his/her take on any alternatives to Tylenol.....

Dana Broderick said...

man! no fun. i hope you feel better soon. yeah, tylenol really does NOTHING! I have heard that ibuprofen is really ok but it does depend on who you talk to.

where are you guys staying? we are going to have you over when we get settled!!! I'm excited to see you!

campblondie said...

Amen!! Sista amen! I have one thing to feeling sick while pregnant.... BOOOOO!!!!!

campblondie said...

Let me try that again. I have on thing to say about feeling sick while pregnant.......BOOOOOO!!!!
(Please excuse the previous comment, I was being talked at by 2 children.)