Sunday, March 14, 2010

fighting the plague & enjoying the company

here's a summary of what life looked like for us last week:

first caleb, then leah, now me. there have been a lot of sleepless nights going on.

we made it through caleb's highest fever since his grand mal seizure and let me tell you i was a bundle of anxiety. it's nice to see that he's more resilient now, and also nice to know that i wasn't the only one who was worried. even though i hadn't voiced my fears aloud to ben, he told me the morning after caleb's high fever that he had fully expected me to wake him up in the middle of the night to tell him to call 911.

it sounds nuts, writing about it know that it has been 3 years since that night and yet it came rushing back to both of us when caleb's fever got so high and we couldn't get it to come down.

it's nice to have that behind us now.

so the kids are feeling better (even if i'm not so much) just in time for my sister's family to come for a visit. we've been looking forward to this for a long time! caleb just loves his cousins, they are adorable and so much fun.

since all of the kids have birthdays around the same time, we threw them a combined birthday party.

tomorrow we're heading out to enjoy the weather and the company. i'm really hoping that my sense of taste and smell return quickly. i've become obsessive about brushing my teeth and wearing good-smelling lotion because i'm paranoid that i smell like one of leah's dirty diapers and have absolutely no idea.

oh, and i almost forgot to mention that they went to the ostrich festival.

they all had a blast while i stayed back with leah & tried to get control of my whooping cough/black lung/scarlet fever. at first i didn't think i would be too sad to miss out on a bunch of people racing ostriches, but they had so much fun and came home with some pretty hilarious pictures, that i found myself a little jealous.

i mean seriously. ostriches.
what's next? a flamingo parade?

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ohmylanta said...

You must have the same curse that I do. We can count on all of us getting really sick ANY time we have planned a trip with family. Whether they come to us, or we go to them...... we all end up sick. IT STINKS!!! It looks like you've made the very best of it and are still enjoying your sister.

I'm so glad that Caleb didn't have any troubles. What a relief! High Fevers are just scary. Last week the school called me to come pick up my daughter because she was running 106. I was thinking 'isn't that brain damage high?' I took her right in to the doc. She was fine. Anyway.....sorry that I get on these personal kicks when I leave you a comment.

I really do enjoy your blog. All of your posts just make me smile.