Wednesday, March 31, 2010

she likes to read...

while sitting on her dad.

and who can blame her? he's kinda comfy.

here's her 12 month stats.

weight: 23 lbs. (60%)
height: 29 in. (30%)
head: i don't know the actual measurement but let's just say her noggin was in the 85%.

so she's short and round with a big head.

the perfect combo of mom & dad.

sidenote: the numbing cream i wrote about in this post? it did work with the first shot, but i'm sadly reporting that it doesn't work with the MMR shot.
does. not. work.

poor baby.


The Pyne's said...

wow, what a huge noggin she has. JK!!!! well, I'd have to say I think she has a GREAT combo of the both of are both incredibly cute (you gorgeous!! and ben handsome {didn't want to say anything not manly!!!}). So I think she has a GREAT advantage, especially for when she starts dating!!!! You never want to be the tall chick because guys are usually shorter. So I think she's totally set for making it on her own. =)

sorry to hear about the shot not going so well!!

ohmylanta said...

She is so stinkin cute! I think you could make some money off that adorable face of hers. Seriously - don't you ever see Parenting magazine and wonder why in the world they don't have a child as cute as yours on the cover?

Joel and Carrie said...

Do they sell those daddy chairs at IKEA? If that's what gets people to read, tell Ben to watch out. I love how smart your little 23 pounder is. (Is 23 pounds that all? Cj could eat her for breakfast!)

Rachel H. said...

She makes perfect sense! Who wouldn't want to sit on their dad to read!? :) TOO CUTE!