Wednesday, March 17, 2010

lucky to have....


and them.

i know everyone celebrates st. patrick's day for different reasons, and i appreciate those too,
but this is what i kept thinking about today.

our life isn't perfect, we have our trials just like everyone else does
(this last month has been a bit tough),

but i'm lucky.

and thankful.


Fawn Becker said...

And, you're lucky to have FABULOUS hair! Seriouly- you come to my house with model hair & I had a lion's mane :( ha! but I am sure glad you guys were able to come over :)

ohmylanta said...

Great way to acknowledge St. Patrick's day! I usually let it blow by without a thought. But..... this year.....I bought green doughnuts from krispy kreme. I know, I know - now that's effort for you! I will say, it was brutal to sit and watch the family eat those chewy warm doughnuts. But I am happy to report that I only ate a crumb. Seriously, a crumb. Hilarious.

I got your message. Are you for real? You want to join me for the one month challenge? I have been lecturing myself for months over this issue. Now, with summer right around the corner I don't think I can waste anymore time. Day one was awfully difficult. Hopefully each day will get easier as apposed to harder. But, if you want to be my no sugar buddy that would be awesome!!

What about the ice cream? Who knows. All day yesterday I was thinking about jello and cool whip, low calorie pudding and angel food cake. 100 calorie treats are consumed on THE BIGGEST LOSER. But those things have refined sugars don't they? I just keep thinking that if I am going to torture myself for a month, it better be worth it!!

S and RA Beazer said...

He is a rather likeable guy, fuzzy chin and all. When are you coming up for train rides. The Beazer Shortline has available seats anytime. (unless it's snowing or raining.)

Rachel H. said...

You ARE lucky!! You have such cute kiddos and a super nice guy for a husband... :) and let's not have them all forget how lucky they are for having YOU!