Wednesday, August 18, 2010


we went to caleb's last PT appointment before we move...

miss bethany has been awesome & caleb seriously loves her & all of the fun things he gets to do while he's there.

leah loves trying to steal caleb's toys while he works hard, and also enjoys staring at herself in the mirror.  {yes she's got the "bink-bink" in her mouth.  it was past her nap time & she was making us all too aware.  don't judge.}

then we rushed home for nap time/quiet time, and during those i made these....

so we could take them to say good-bye to our first friends in phoenix...

{blue gum:  find it.}

we just love the beckers.  fawn was nice to me my first day in church, when i was totally self-conscious and shy.  luckily she has a really outgoing personality & invited a socially awkward individual such as myself to hang out.  now, two years later we are still friends. 

NOBODY throws a party like fawn.  she has the best food and even better decorations & party favors.  she's also amazingly talented at sewing and making adorable hair clips for little girls.  i'm really grateful for her & how she has taught me how much it can mean to someone to reach out to them when they're new.
we'll definitely be keeping in touch!

caleb has already promised to become pen pals this little gal:

which is good since they just might get married one day.

then, since we had nothing to eat in the house except cans of green beans and freezer-burned popsicles, i took the kids to the store & we rushed home to find a surprise.  ben was home early {at 6pm instead of 8pm} and we got a play-by-play of his first day at his new practicum, where he was an ACTUAL therapist to several new clients.  i think he's going to love it, and i'm glad he's getting a taste of it while he's still in school so that he can change his specialty if he wants to.

i was so glad he was home because after staying up until 4am the night before & then running around all day, i was pretty worn out.  so he helped feed the little madam:

after dinner, baths and bedtime for the kids, i was able to go out with these two:

my good friends aubrey & val.  we have been doing weekly girls nights over at my apartment for a few months and i am seriously grateful for it.  they gave me something to look forward to during an otherwise pretty lonely week of nights by myself, and i am going to miss it.  but we promised to still meet up once a month to hang out.  and since they're both also moving, i am also on a secret mission to find them both places to live that are close to us!

it was a long, good day.  now i am back to the ol' grind.  how in the world did we live with so much stuff to fit into such a small space for two years??

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