Monday, August 2, 2010

backing up to the birthday weekend...

so my amazing friend andrea took me away for a weekend before my 30th birthday and let me tell you...

i had a seriously.  great.  time.

we started off at the melting pot, where we dipped until our hearts were content and our bellies were bursting.

then we went to our amazing resort and settled in for a movie...which turned out to be the only disappointing thing for the weekend.

the next day was sitting by the pool and let me tell you, i haven't done that in years.  after back-to-back swimming lessons with the kids where i barely can get my flip-flops on without having to chase leah before she nose-dives in the blue water, being able to just sit on a chair & read a magazine was bliss.

our friend amanda had met us at the pool & then the 3 of us went to lunch at our favorite ladies' night restaurant.  that place never disappoints!  amanda left after that, so andrea & i loaded up with a treat for later at sprinkles cupcakes & then went shopping & to a movie.  

i always have the best time with andrea no matter what we're doing.  we always laugh so hard together, but then also have really deep & meaningful conversations.  i know i've said it before, but i'll say it again.  i'm so grateful she's my friend! 

thanks again drizzle for the weekend.  i'll turn 30 every day if we can celebrate like this!

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Rachel H. said...

So happy you had a great weekend with Andrea! It's awesome you two are so close, and have been able to stay in touch like you have. YOu are both such great people! :) Looks like a total blast!!