Tuesday, November 2, 2010


sometimes i feel like caleb is a 65 year old man trapped in a 5 year old's body.

i had taken the kids out to the park today, to try to get us out of the house before our rear ends literally formed to the couch.  i had called andrea to meet us with her two boys.  as we were leaving the park to head home, i noticed caleb had his hands over his ears and kept yelling at tyler, the boy his age, 


because apparently ty's singing was too loud for caleb to handle at the moment.  andrea and i laughed over caleb's attempt at getting some peace & relaxation.

about an hour later, i was eating dinner with the kids and leah was in one of those moods of finding extreme joy in pushing her older brother's buttons.  her favorite thing to do to rile him up is to just look at him and yell for no reason.  and of course, caleb was taking the bait every time, getting more and more emotional with each yell.  

i gave caleb a speech about how we can't control what others do, but we can be in control of our own reactions and ignore others.  i showed him an example, letting him yell at me just like leah was doing.  i showed him how to ignore and then told him to do the same thing the next time leah yelled at him.

about 30 seconds later, leah started up again.

i looked over, and this is what caleb was doing:

i burst out laughing and then quickly took a picture.

"what are you doing there, bud?"  i asked him.

"mom," he said, in an exasperated tone, "i'm ignoring her.  and at the same time, i'm getting my peaceaxation."

namaste, my son.  namaste. 


Melyni + Alma said...

What adorable and funny kids you guys have!!

Em and Russ said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha, that's awesome!!!!!

SBB said...

That kid is so stinking hilarious. The best part is he isn't even trying.

K Harker said...

I think I spewed cheerio's/milk out my nose when I read this (because I eat cereal as catch up on blogs with google reader), especially that picture! Thank you for taking that picture! What a cute and funny kid "peaceaxation" too funny.
"Namaste", good stuff.

Dana Broderick said...

We could all learn something from this. I think I'll do some peaceaxation when my kids are screaming. Too cute!

Wheat Family said...

That is going to be a new word now! He is hilarious!

Danny, Mandy, & Driggletts said...

Oh my goodness! That is one of the best kid stories I have ever heard! I can't believe you actually got a picture of it! AWESOME!

Nana said...

Oh how cute! I'm so glad you are writing these things down. They will be priceless for years to come! Little ones are a crackup!! ENJOY!!

Kristen said...

LOVE it!! Caleb is adorable!