Saturday, December 11, 2010

bring on the yuletide!

tonight we were supposed to go to the tempe lake lights parade, but i've had a whopper of a headache all day long & the thought of weaving in & out of the 50, 000 estimated peeps planning on being there didn't sound the most appealing.  

but we haven't really done anything yet to get in the christmas spirit except partially decorate our christmas tree {we still haven't found the rest of the ornaments and even if we had, leah has made it her sole christmas mission to remove any and all shiny things from our tree within her reach}. so we decided we needed to do something.

we packed the kids in the car and went down to the mesa temple to look at the lights.  we had a great time walking around, looking at the "dinosaurs" {what leah called the camels following behind the wise men} listening to the presentation of the Christus {the entire 5 minutes leah yelling out "WOOK! DIS  IS JESUS!"} and getting in the holiday mood by listening to christmas music on the way home.

fun family times.

here are the pictures to document, try to ignore the smears of candy cane all over leah's mouth & in caleb's teeth.  true parental bribery at its finest:

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