Sunday, December 5, 2010

crazy hair day.

friday at caleb's school was crazy hair day, so we flushed his head in a toilet bowl full of red kool-aid.   
{just kidding about the flushing part, we just held him steady upside down for several minutes.}

and this is what my fella looks like with red hair:

and this is what my fella would look like if he had red hair and were possessed by the devil:

let's hope we never have to find out for real if that last one is true or not.


ohmylanta said...

Oh no. Not a redheaded step child!

Just kidding. Although, he doesn't look so sure of his new hair color in that first picture. So funny! Did it wash out?

lynsey said...

even though his facial expression shows otherwise, he looooved it. and it's 90% washed out....but every now and then when the sun shines on it i can still see some red. :)