Sunday, January 23, 2011

our weekend with the felts.

over new year's weekend we were so glad to enjoy the company of ben's twin sister carrie & her family.

this family means so much to us, and i don't even think they know why.  so for a minute, i'll write about them.

carrie and troy were our neighbors during a really difficult time in our lives, right in the heart of caleb's pretty scary health problems.  troy was the first one to run over to help ben give caleb a blessing during his big seizure, leaving his own two kids with a neighbor because carrie wasn't home at the time.  they were such a physical and emotional help and support to us, being our shopping and gym buddies, our xbox team and our comic relief.

before we moved to north carolina, our apartment contract was running out and we were either going to have to renew, or pay a lot more money to live there month-to-month.  without hesitation, troy and carrie generously offered their newly-finished basement for us to live in for a month and a half.  they let us cram all of our belongings in their garage, never saying one word about it.

you know how you really get to know someone when you live with them?  usually things get a little strained, or awkward, or tense.  well carrie & troy might feel differently, but we had a fantastic time with them.  we played call of duty 2 almost every night after the kids went to bed, went on daily walks, and just enjoyed their company every day.

and now, whenever we get together with them, it's the same.  they are a couple of our best friends and i love how when we're together we can laugh and tell stupid jokes one minute, and then have a deep, spiritual conversation the next.

we adore their children too.  bailey has always had such a sweet personality, and leah follows her around like a little puppy.  but bailey doesn't seem to mind and in fact, became leah's caretaker most of the time she was visiting.

carter is 9 months older than caleb, but we joke that the two of them are the prequel to the movie "twins" because of their size difference.  they get along great together and caleb still asks every day when we can go to utah to visit him.

we were so glad they made the trip out here, and were also extremely grateful that for once, we didn't have plumbing issues while we had company.  a 2011 miracle. 

here are some pictures of their visit.  come back soon, fart fam.  we love you!

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ohmylanta said...

How did I not realize that Ben had a twin sister? Families are a lovely arrangement. The kind of arrangement that ensures that someone will always be there to pick you up off your face.