Sunday, January 30, 2011

seattle so far.

i'm going home tomorrow, boo hoo.

i've had a great weekend full of delicious food, going to a movie, taking a glorious nap, sitting through THREE FULL HOURS of church without interruption {aside from a couple of rather hilarious texts from ben with a full report on how things were going at home--which did happen to involve an unfortunate karate chop from caleb in ben's family jewels}, a fun dinner with new friends, and now i'm going to curl up in bed and watch felicity on dvd.  enter blissful sigh here.

i've skyped with ben and the kids everyday since i've been gone, which has been nice to be able to see those faces i love and miss so much without having to be responsible for the shenanigans going on behind the camera.

we had planned on going out today to take "official seattle pictures" but my nap got in the way, which is just fine by me.  

so here's what i have, and it's not much.  but it's enough.

getting manicures and pedicures as soon as i flew in.

the fella who helped me was sure patient as i twisted and giggled and high-pitch squealed because me feet are so darn ticklish.  okay, truth?  he thought i was insane.  

dinner out with the lovebirds.  
patrick absolutely adores having his picture taken, as you can see.

the two lindsay/lynsey's.

LJL, thank you so much for being so gracious, for introducing me to the softest sheets on the planet and the best hairdryer in the world, for semi-redeeming my faith in cats, for being such a fabulous chef, for sharing your trend-setting taste in music, for giving up your weekend to spend time with me, and for being such an amazing friend.
i love you!

oh, seattle.

do you think you could offer ben a job in a couple of years??

i know people say that i'd get sick of the rain and gloom after a while, but....

i'd sure like a chance to prove them wrong.

see you tomorrow, arizona.


M+J=K3+E said...

You are so beautiful Lyns!! Glad you had a great weekend. Love those pedis :)

Rachel Holloway said...

OH, SO HAPPY you've had a great time. YOU. DESERVE. IT!

Erika said...

Looks like so much fun!!! Lynsey I meant to write you back and tell ya no need to worry, that post was not about your brother! :) I'm sure it was a guy you didn't know. BUT funny enough, the part about me measuring all my shoes cause I liked a guy shorter than me... yep, that was totally Tyler! :)

Em and Russ said...

You should come hang out on the other side of the mountains from Seattle, we have a lot of fun over here.

I'm sure Ben could get a job over here.