Monday, May 23, 2011


it looks like the laws of the universe decided that we were getting bored, 
moving into our new home, 
graduating kindergarten this week, 
getting ready for the new baby,
still trying to find a lawyer who can help us fight the DB's that rented us the last home
and trying to plan out some fun for the summer.

poor caleb fell off of his new birthday bike, 
after only having it in his possession for a mere 24 hours
and broke his arm.

he was surprisingly brave throughout the night.
i say "surprisingly" because when caleb stubs his toe,
the entire neighborhood hears about it.

he'll get his official cast when the swelling goes down,
and will figure out how to navigate around with one arm.

until then,
i guess i will cancel swimming lessons.


The Foster Bunch said...

Don't cancel swimming lessons ask them to put a water cast on. We did that when Nakeaden broke his arm. He did swimming lessons just fine with it. Just a suggrstion!

lynsey said...

britt- you're a lifesaver, thanks!

Em and Russ said...

Poor little man!!!! Sorry to hear about the crash. Just remember that when challenges come into your life (and it seems you've had a few lately), the Lord is just preparing you for the blessings that you'll receive. Stay strong and all will be okay.