Tuesday, August 30, 2011

before we were 5.

here are some events that occurred before junebug came to be.

my last date with my handsome pre-doctor:

featuring a night of raisinettes, wizards, snakes and the end of an era.  
good-bye harry p.  
someday i will read the books about you.

my last official pregnancy picture, 9 days before labor:

celebrating my birthday with my little family:

featuring blueberry pancakes, balloon hats, princess jewelry, a slap bracelet, a rubber chicken {not kidding}, and the usual birthday dinner at the kid-friendly red robin.

more fun with balloons:

celebrating my birthday with this beautiful friend of mine:

featuring a delicious dinner, an awful movie {because i talked her into it}, and then some amazing gifts with a capital A.  then, because she's the only person i will take crazy pictures with/for, here are some fun ones:  {the last one of me looking less-than attractive is again for 
"those" who have "voiced" that i only allow "flattering" pictures of myself on here}

trying to find leah in her bed after each nap:  {don't worry, we always uncover her face & clean out her bed daily.}

trying out the baby's swing:

and that's a wrap.


Rachel Holloway said...

Your pics always crack me up! And I wanna know--NEED TO KNOW--where you got that incredible green lantern thing? IT'S AMAZING!

midge said...

that, my dearie, was a gift from the amazing andrea. and she bought it from Zgallerie.

Andrea said...

other than the fact that my hair looks like a cross between
a. partially dead muscat
b. Martica Adams
c.Samara from your FAVORITE movie

This blog post was great. And although they days of 4 look great. I think 5 is gonna be your lucky number. Until you have twins and then 7 will really be your lucky number.

ohmylanta said...

you are so stinkin cute Lyns. Maybe others are just jealous that every picture you take of yourself just happens to turn out flattering????? just sayin!

Happy Belated Birthday!