Wednesday, August 17, 2011



i remember growing up, thinking
she would always be smarter than me,
more beautiful,
have more friends,
just over all
than i ever could be.

i always wanted to be around,
tag along,
join in,
{possibly} read her journal on the sly.
because i wanted to be just like her.

now i realize that she is still those things to me:
and over all
cooler than i will ever be.

but she is also
my best friend.

i hope my girls feel the same way about their sister
as i do about mine.


Rachel Chick said...

So, so sweet. Sisters are the best. I'm so glad that your girls will have that!

Meghan said...

Such a fantastic post Lindsey! I'm grateful for my sisters too. You always see things in such a great perspective.