Friday, August 26, 2011

caleb and june.

i knew that he would be disappointed when we found out we were having another girl.
he had wanted a brother so badly.

probably because his other sister thrives on driving him crazy.
{and let's just say for the record, it's the combination of 
leah's love of a reaction
and how easily caleb is provoked}

so when we broke the news to him after the gender-revealing ultrasound,
i told him that another little girl was coming to our family,
because he had been such a good big brother to our first one,
and God knew he could trust him to love and protect another one.

i took a deep breath, wondering if that explanation would be enough for him.
and he smiled, and sat up a little straighter,
and said, "okay."

i don't know what God's plan is for our family,
or if that is the real reason that june was sent to us.

but since she has been born,
i've listened to the way he has talked to her,
and how careful he is when he holds her,
and the way he has taught leah to be soft with her,

and i think that maybe the explanation i gave to him
was the right one.


Rachel Holloway said...

I'd say so too! He's such a handsome little man... :) And apparently a GREAT big brother.

ohmylanta said...

Every girl should have a big brother! My brother used to buy my tampax for me because I was too embarrassed. :)

I have to say that Caleb is the cutest little guy I have ever seen. You have a little heart breaker on your hands!

Charlotte said...

What a perfect explanation. Love the photos.