Sunday, May 13, 2012

mother's day, 2012.

mother's day has become one of my most favorite days of the year.  

not because i am doted upon, or given the day off {for some reason, most of the time it seems more difficult than the ordinary days, it's like my kids can sense it and are more nuts than usual}, or showered with gifts and flowers, 

but because i really take intentional time to reflect back on

may 16, 2005

february 27, 2009 

july 26, 2011

which have turned out to be 3 of the most important, life-changing, soul-changing days of my life.  mother's day is the day that i spend with them, and the day i spend thanking my lucky stars that i am their mother.  

i could not feel more blessed...
even though some days i'm scared out of my mind unsure
of the job that i'm doing.
 mostly though,
when i'm looking at these 3 beautiful spirits 
that i get to spend time with every day,
helping to 
mold and shape,
and teach,
and love,

i'm just grateful.

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