Monday, September 24, 2012

rested and ready.

I really, really like the Avett Brothers and have for a few years, ever since I saw them perform live with Mumford & Sons and Bob Dylan at the Grammys.  Ben and I went to their concert last year when June was only a couple of months old.  I don't leave my newborns for much, but those few hours of sitting on the soft grass listening to music that's good for my soul brought me back to life in a way.  I'm not one for a big show with crazy dancers and costumes.  Give me pure, raw talent, meaningful lyrics with live music and you've got a very satisfied lady.

This song of theirs, "Februrary Seven" spoke to me, to a version of myself a couple of years ago.


Emily Merkley said...

I absolutely LOVE the Avett Brothers! But no one ever knows who I'm talking about when I mention them. You have great taste, my friend... and apparently, no one else does.

lynsey said...

yay Emily! nice to know there's another fan out there. we love them here, and i can't believe they don't have a bigger following.

we Avett fans must stick together. our musical palettes are too refined for the rest of them. ;)