Saturday, September 29, 2012

there's something about june.

this little lady just turned 14 months old and deserves a post all her own.  


teeth:  4, working on two more top teeth

words:  mom, dad, hi, up, cracker, thank you, night-night, ba-ba, bath, uh-oh, woof, quack, go, no, yes, okay, leah, soft, and she does the signs for more, all done, drink, milk, stop and go, bath, baby, help

favorite songs:  popcorn popping, "we are young" by fun, "home" by phillip phillips, the little einsteins theme song, twinkle twinkle, old macdonald

talents:  wave bye bye, blow kisses, give an awesome high five, clap, and randomly whistle.  yes you read that right, whistle.

favorite animals:  dogs, monkeys and elephants

sleeps:  about a 2 hour nap in the day, in bed by 7:30 and sleeps 12 hours...most nights.

loves:  her blankies, baby einstein shows, baths, climbing on anything she can, her stuffed elephant, being held, playing peek-a-boo and this little piggy, and rolling around on the pillows on our bed and being tickled, and getting into any of her big sister's "treasures" that are usually kept out of her reach, and being outdoors.

does not love:  coming in from being outdoors, having her diaper changed, being pulled out of the bath, being told no when she really really wants to climb up on the treadmill.   

there is just something about her, about her nature.  she is so sweet and so snuggly.  and just....soft in almost everything she does.  in the way she picks up tiny pieces of food, or plays with my hair, or turns pages in books and stretches out her chubby fingers to point out a dog and softly say, "woof! woof!" she's a thinker and observer and quietly moves from one area of the house to another, picking things up and figuring them out.  

don't get me wrong, she has definitely found her voice and her opinion.  she sticks up for herself when she goes toe-to-toe with her big sister and when she's knocked over by her.  after she's done being comforted by me she'll return to the scene of the crime and let leah know exactly how she felt about it by yelling at her in baby jabber, adding in several NO! NO! NO!'s

she's also loud whenever she's being chased by one of us, she'll scream her head off in excitement.  {see video at the bottom of this post}

but i love that for the most part, she is just content.

i've been asked a lot who i think she looks more like, caleb or leah.  so here's a comparison picture of each of them at around the same age.

and i say caleb for sure, though june has her own look.  honestly i feel like she looks more like me than either of my other kids.

her skin tone and body type is more like caleb's too, though she definitely has more girth than he did.  to me, she is the perfect baby size, with just enough chub to give her thick little legs a tough time when trying to squeeze into a pair of jeans.  this girl has some thighs!  and i love them.  

she has been relatively healthy, only needing to go to the doctor twice in her first year for a sick visit--both times with an ear infection while teething.  and also {knock on wood} seems to have a stronger gag reflex than my other two.  seriously, having one kid who is not prone to barfing would be nice.

june loves music, loves to sing, loves to play hide & go seek, loves to read, and loves to follow me wherever i go.  she gives the best hugs, wrapping her hands, arms, legs and feet around as she lays her head on my shoulder and doesn't let go for several minutes.  

she also really really loves her dad.

when she's tired, she'll toddle into her bedroom and grab one of her blankies from her crib, and wrap it around her and she walks.  it's hilarious to watch, ben and i joke that she looks like yoda.  

  i've written before about how she has been such a 
heart-healer for me as a mother and she continues to be.

i am a better, softer, calmer version of myself because of her.

we absolutely love little miss june
and are so grateful she's in our family.

and now, here is her favorite thing to do with caleb when he comes home from school...
this particular day the round and round lasted 20 minutes.  


Charlotte said...

Oh, that video is too cute. June is beautiful.

ohmylanta said...

Oh, she looks like her sister! :)

I love the video. The giggling and squealing! So cute.

I haven't had much time for blogging lately, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I am looking forward to getting caught up with all of your fun posts. Thanks for sharing bits of your wonderful life!