Wednesday, September 26, 2012

life through a phone.

holy smokes, the days seem to be whipping by faster than i can handle it.  and october is going to be overflowing, starting with family coming into town for ben's Master's Degree celebration.  {he earned it technically last year, but decided to make it official this year}  then i fly to kentucky the next weekend for a work expo, and from there will fly to meet ben & the kids in st. george to attend his mother's wedding....which we are SO excited for!!  after that, it will almost be halloween.  

whew!  i get excitedslashtired just thinking about it.  our lives are full and we are scrambling to keep up, but are grateful for all that's going on.

but what else is new?  i feel like i'm on repeat, typing the same words over and over again.  blah blah blah, i have no time to myself.  boo hoo.  let's face it, i haven't had much time to myself since june was born and i started working.  when i do take the time to sit and write it eats into something else i need to be doing and i pay the price. and that's okay, it's just how it is.  

since joining instagram, i've been sort of lazy about taking pictures with our real camera but realized that all of these snapshots of moments aren't going to be recorded into our blog book.  yes they're grainy and blurry, but it's so handy to be able to take a picture without having to haul a big camera around.

so now, a phone photo dump, with minimal explanation of the pictures:

how she finishes her cereal.

a belated birthday gift from andrea, les miserables with she and eleen.

leah starts preschool.  
she loves it so much, and wears her backpack all morning on preschool days.
it's only for 2 days a week for 3 hours each time,
but holy smokes i had forgotten how simple life was with only one child.

june's favorite toys.  she loves carrying them & throwing them all over the house.
or handing them to anyone who drops by.  it's fun.

a rainy day.

my serious face, and a side braid.
the answer to my unshowered-hair days.

caleb's mustache face.

date night with pre-doctor strader,
splitting a sandwich then enjoying a rootbeer float ice cream cone.

a double wedding.

dressing up with friends.

ben's dream therapist couch.

another date night,
we've been lucky enough to join a baby-sitting swap with
3 other families from the ward.
1 saturday night for 3 hours we baby-sit about 13 kids,
then the next 3 saturday nights we get dates.

regular dates!!  
a thing we have not had the joy of experiencing...
oh, ever since becoming parents.

a hug from my favorite 3 year old.

potty training at its finest.  
she has done soooo awesome, i am amazed.  
48 hours in and we were virtually accident-free.
night time potty trained as well, without even working on it.
i know it's not for everyone, but honestly, i'm so glad i waited this long.

sister time.

leah's bed.
my little hoarder in the making.

dodge ball with friends.

waiting to grow up.

sick time.

this is the weird stage of baby hair...
wanting to grow it out, but trying to prevent the mullet look.
anyone remember the babelet with leah??

exercise time.

fort time.

art time.

lotion time.

the day i officially became a butterfly.

and that's a wrap!

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Rachel Holloway said...

It is funny how much ends up on the phone now that I have one--I loved seeing your pics--you have so much fun! :) Seriously, I love it!!! HOW AWESOME you guys have had a date swap! THAT is fantastic!!!
I hope all goes well with the craziness that is about to take place...whew! It made me tired just reading it! :)