Saturday, February 2, 2013

a weekend for the soul.

i am here in the sunshine with this lady and this lady for the weekend.  there has been equal parts of laughter and tears, of the good kind.  conversation that ranges from the surface, to political, to the deep heart-burning questions and fears of the spirit.

so far we've stayed awake until the sun has peeked over the horizon, wandered the streets of tempe, eaten delicious gyros, met andrea for dinner and a movie {les mis--i went into the ugly cry--so good}, and taken ridiculous pictures of us leaping and cartwheeling through our hotel.

this is what my life has come to, with friendships.  learning to love myself has brought an ease of opening up that has never existed before, because before needed boundaries and space.  i can provide that for myself now without fear of another taking more than i can give, and it's an incredible thing, to feel free to give and receive more love without walls.

today holds a hike, massage, and then dinner and possibly??  karaoke.  yep, singing in front of a crowd, continuing with the "out of my comfort zone" for 2013.  living with this thought in mind has already changed me, and we're only february 2.  makes me so excited for what the next 10 months hold.

i don't want this weekend to end so i'm going to hold on to every little piece while it lasts.

also? i read this last week and was moved by it. 

"No matter the strikes against me, I am going to worship God. That is how I fight the lies. That is how I know He still works in me."

happy weekend!!


ClancyPants said...

And here I sit in your living room on YOUR computer reading about the weekend that we are still living. I don't want tonight to happen because then it's tomorrow and I have to go home.

What a magical and healing weekend this has been. I just watched BenStrader walk past in the hallway, carrying toys and doing his dad-thing. I appreciate the men in our lives that made this possible for the women in theirs.

Love you. Love your heart and the journey it's been on. Love the connection we three have formed and the meaningfulness of it. It's a powerful thing.

Thank you for such an amazing weekend. <3

ohmylanta said...

oh my Goodness I miss having friends. When I say friends I mean FRIENDS - just like these gals are to you. The type that you can be goofy and free with. I think the only person that I can be goofy enough to make ninja movies with, is my sister Jenae.

There have been a few others that will join in the occasional dirty diaper throwing contest and the velociraptor impressions.

But one stays up with me til 3 am practicing indian and chinese voices like my sister will. And thank goodness for her, or my life would be seriously boring.

on the note of friendships, I tell you..... I pray all the time that some Utah transplants will move to our ward. I need some lady friends that will get together for crafting and good eats!

I have to laugh over your comment about "getting some sunshine". Don't you live in Arizona? Isn't the weather pretty rockin right about now? :)