Monday, September 8, 2008

adventures in moving

well, we are here! in our own little apartment in sunny phoenix. i can't tell you how surreal it has been to just be "us" in, well...since honestly may of '07. that is the last time we lived as just the three of us. oh my it is quiet. the run down:

  • may '07: lived with ben's twin sis & her family from may-july
  • july '07-july '08: lived in the insanity that was the group home
  • july '08: spent nights with (in order): the thompsons, ben's family in indiana, my mom's house, a getaway in park city, my MIL's house, my dad's house, and then with the goldings in AZ
we have had so many fun memories while being generously allowed to sleep on floors, in basements, on childrens' beds, and in teenager's bedrooms. i am pretty sure though that we have exhausted all of our resources until probably the year 2020. thanks again for everything friends & family, we will try not to bother you for a while. :)

so now, it is our turn again. we arrived here on saturday, but not without a few adventures along the way.

  1. our moving company told us they were going to charge us an extra $150 to bring us our stuff on saturday. for pete's sake. so we decided to go anyway, knowing ben was pushing his 5th week of stay with the goldings & me my 4th. so here we are, with just some clothing & an air mattress.
  2. as we were driving, and almost to the complex, two girls at a stoplight motion to me that our trunk is slightly open and we have been dropping things out of the back for a little while now. so, with a lot of backtracking & running out into the middle of intersections, and questioning some questionable characters at bus stops, we recovered none of it. now as we unpack, if we can't find something, we figure it must have been one of the "street treasures" that someone will uncover soon. i know if i came across an unopened box of nutri-grain bars, i would think it was christmas day.
  3. starting over. because we were so gosh darn poor when we moved to NC, we decided to sell just about everything. (i am thinking we assumed that we would be in a different financial state once we emerged) but here we are, more destitute than when we started, and about $100,000 in debt (thank you graduate school!). so we took a little trip to target and had to buy the "basics" such as; trash cans, plates, cups, silverware, cleaning supplies, a vacuum, canned goods, you get the idea. almost $500 later, we put it all away and wondered where it had disappeared to. we were still in an empty apartment.
so just a couple of bumps in the road and we (hopefully) will be moving in the rest of our things today. the good news is this:
  • so far, our apartment is fantastic. we have a beautiful complex, gated, and overlooks a golf course & million dollar homes. it is small and fits just what we need. we have heard very, very small peeps from the upstairs which is a fantastic sign.
  • no sign of scorpions yet!
  • 3 beautiful, sparkling pools that are hardly used. and yes, the water IS as blue as it looks in the ad! (i had to see it to believe it)
  • our apartment has shade & is very nice & cool. we don't have to do much with the a/c to keep the temperature nice.
  • ben started school last week. i think it has the potential to kick his rear, but more importantly, i think he is really, really going to like it. not only that but be fantastic at it.
  • our ward seems great. small, and a mix of old, young, families & singles. met some very nice people yesterday & am hopeful. why do i have to be so shy though?
so we had two nice, quiet days with no t.v. and borrowing internet from someone in the complex...thank you wireless! it is really fantastic to be in control of my own environment again. it's so peaceful that i'm tempted to start a little argument with ben just to spice things up. :) i think after living in the group home, it brought to the surface an interesting side of myself. more about that later, this one is long enough. multiple bulleting? yikes.

home sweet home.


Garcizzals said...

Hi Lyns!! I have not been blogging for awhile. But congrats on the baby and the move! You should of told me I would have gotten pregnant at the same time so that our kids would be the same age again. LOL!! I hope everything goes well with the little when it comes. Lets hope that the little one will be able to take regular formula. :)

Rachel H. said...

Glad you're officially moved and settling in all together. :) What a nice feeling!

garrettandbritt said...

So glad to see you guys are finally getting settled. I am so jealous of your warm weather and pool right now. Our weather has just turned to fall type weather. I wasn't ready. I hope your furniture gets there soon and you can officially get settled. How are you feeling? Hope that baby is growning great!!! Miss you guys!

S & RA Beazer said...

How nice to finally have a place of your own. Don't you love the adventures of moving and life.
PS. You didn't wear your welcome out at our house. Was it because we live in the land of cold and snow in the winter.
PPS. Rumor has it there is an 11th ward reunion on Sept 27. anyone who wants to claim Bishop Mortimer is invited.

Tui Family said...

My Ines...
It's so fun to hear about your moving adventures! Thanks for the good laugh! I'm still sad we didn't meet up while you were in town though! =(

Wheat Family said...

Glad you love your new, quiet place. Good luck to Ben in school, and you with your little baby. Caleb is one funny kid to read about!

campblondie said...

So glad you are in. Still a bit dissapointed that we couldn't try and repay 1/10 of what we owe you for Springville. Enjoy being you guys and hopefully we will see you soon!

Dana Broderick said...

looks nice! wish we had a pool! maybe we need to get together to use that pool! :) I'll give you a call again this week. It'd be fun to meet up!

Sounds like a crazy move! I'm sure it's nice to be in your own place.

Dana Broderick said...

looks nice! wish we had a pool! maybe we need to get together to use that pool! :) I'll give you a call again this week. It'd be fun to meet up!

Sounds like a crazy move! I'm sure it's nice to be in your own place.

Rachel Chick said...

Ah. Feels so nice to hear from you again! :) LOL! I actually have really missed hearing your lovely "voice"! I hope you don't let your blogging go to pot now that your lives aren't filled with death threats! Just nice to hear from you again. Glad you got moved in! -- Now when Nels and I need a vacation in December, we know who to visit! :)

Lauren Horsley said...

So glad you're settled - I know the trunkiness of the past month must've been extra hard with you being preggers and all. Can't wait to come see the new digs! The 12 hour drive seems but a moment compared the the cross-country flight to NC. Hooray!

Did your stuff show up yesterday? Is everything as it should be? Any un-packing advice?

Jules said...

Yay! Good luck with everything! I am shy too, so I hate starting over in a new ward and neighborhood---Parker is much better, as you can imagine. :)