Tuesday, September 9, 2008


since our stuff didn't show up yesterday as planned, (here today though, hooray!) we decided to shake off our funky moods & go swimming. the pool was beautiful, the temperature perfect, and the moon was bright. we had a fantastic time and are already planning tonight's marco polo game. we were the only 3 in the pool and stayed for about an hour, ben worked on his "stroke" while caleb & i worked on kicking. after burning all those calories, we just couldn't take the thought of losing weight...and came home to make a plate of nachos. but as i was swimming back and forth, this song kept coming my head. not to sound too over-dramatic, but the swim just felt magical in a sort of way and we came back completely refreshed. feeling like us again.

(ps-mr. stipes is looking a bit un-well here & my favorite version is the one from the cd with the strings in the background, but the video to that one was a bit funky.)


The Salisbury's said...

Hey Lindsay! How are you. It's Tia Salisbury from Rexburg. Your son is so cute and looks like you guys are doing awesome! I found your blog on Marc and Brookes and just thought I would say hi!

Dana Broderick said...

i lost your number! i called your sister at the break of dawn this morning to get it. (i'm sure she appreciated that:)

When we lived in an aparment, we loved the pools. We went swimming like 3-4 nights a week. I've told Ryan that if we live in Phoenix long term, we have to have a pool in our backyard!! It's a must have during the summer! I'm sure it's nice with your pregnancy. It feels so nice to float and relax!

campblondie said...

I love night swimming! Glad your stuff got there and as I am writing I am thinking that there is a message from you on my machine that has not been returned as of yet. I fully intend to do so.
p.s. no baby

Mick and Tiff said...

Your place looks so nice!! I am totally jealous of that pool. When do I get to come play Marco Polo?

I am sorry about your stuff falling out of the truck. That stinks!