Wednesday, September 17, 2008

how big is too big?? how small is too small??

(caleb at primary children's hospital for 3 days of testing & seizure-watching...notice the cute little shirt? we kept it as a souvenir.)

okay i think shellee & i were online at the same time b/c her comment just popped up in my inbox. and so i will answer the's actually something that's been nagging at me for a couple of weeks now.

really the reason ben was concerned about me not "getting bigger" for those who don't know, is because with caleb i had a 2-vessel umbilical cord. which apparently happens in like 2% of all single births & like 7% with twins. so i was a pretty normal size until i was about 6-7 mos along and then my growing slowed--almost stopped. for some reason i had gone to two doctors who did the full measurement work-up at around 5 mos. who did not find it. i naively thought i was just lucky...and going to be small. (seriously, where was my brain?? i'm under 5' tall! you have nowhere to go but OUT when you are this height.)

(me 3 wks. before i had caleb)

it was only until caleb popped out at 4 1/2 lbs. being full-term & they actually saw the cord that it was confirmed. it is not genetic, i was told it's just a "freak thing" that happens. but the chances of having a stillborn baby go up to about 85%, so we were that much more grateful that caleb was tiny, but alive.

once the 2-vessel is supposed to be discovered (about 5 mos.), you have to go in for weekly check-ups to weigh the baby & they are usually taken via c-section the moment you are considered full-term (36-37 wks.) because the risk of the baby losing nutrients & starving in your uterus is so high. i did not do any of this because we did not know.

many 2-vessel babies have SEVERE problems when they come out. physical deformities, mental retardation, etc. caleb was not "normal" nor was he "easy" but his problems were miniscule compared to what they could have been. poor digestive system, seizures, inability to gain weight (did not get his mother's metabolism) and slow physical progression were basically what we dealt with. not to mention the CONSTANT crying for several months. he seemed to always be in pain.
(caleb's 1st out of 3 EEG tests)

we spent our first 18 mos. with him in & out of hospitals, working with several specialists, and a lot of physical therapy. but the older he has gotten, the better his health. plus we prayed every night in gratitude to our heavenly father that as far as neurologically, he was doing fantastic.
(ben helping caleb in his old-man walker)

sooooooo....back to the point. i popped out pretty early with this pregnancy, which made me think i was a little farther along than i really was. at my 1st (and only, so far) dr's visit, i asked the midwife what the chances of this being another high-risk pregnancy. she said one in a million. i saw the baby, saw him punch & kick the little ultrasound thing when she pushed down on him (good for him, she was pushing down HARD), and my fears settled down.

but since that time, i don't feel i'm getting much bigger. i had noticed, and ben noticed. i'm only a little over 4 mos. along and am hoping i'm just paranoid, but the next dr. visit should give us a better idea & hopefully all is well.

now i just need to silence the little nagging voice in the back of my head that something is wrong. positive thoughts, right?? right!


Mike and Jenny said...

I'm sure all will work out the way it is supposed to, but I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. How scary all you went through before. Good luck!!! Do you know what you're having yet?

Jules said...

when is your next appt? I am so glad that caleb is doing better the older he gets! keep it up, little man!

Rachel Chick said...

Those pictures are SO cute! I somehow never knew that there was something screwy with the umbilical cord . . . weird, with all we've talked about it. Anyway, don't worry, Lyns! I'm sure that everything is great! - With my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies, I definitely showed earlier, but that little bebe just doesn't grow much until you really get past about 5 or 6 months. With Hazel, I didn't even start wearing maternity clothes until I was almost 20 weeks! Granted, we are shaped different, (and she was my first) but you SHOULDN'T be that big by 4 1/2 months. You're fine. :)

S & RA Beazer said...

Lynsey, we sure miss you folks. Wish we were closer to check out how cute and round you are getting. give Ben a hug for me.

Angela said...

We hope all goes well with this pregnancy. With everything you've been through it's normal to worry about it. We'll be doing the same thing. But we'll keep you in our prayers. Let me know if you ever need to chat!

Francis and Fawn Becker said...

Thanks for letting us come by and visit you :) You are such a great addition to our ward & Kali is so happy to have a new friend, as am I.

Erika said...

Wow that is so weird with Caleb, and really scary, I can't believe that! I'd be paranoid too with a second pregnancy! I know i'm not as far along as you, and really the only place I'm popping out is these love handles, dangit. anyway I'm sure things are normal, I remember reading that the 2nd trimester is the classic time for women to be told they seem smaller than they should be.

The Pyne's said...

k lynsey!!! I am telling you right now that everything IS going to be FINE!!! Because you guys are such GOOD parents and Heavenly Father probably knows that you need a break and will make this baby a little angel that will weigh 7 lbs 4 oz. (conner's weight and also the opposite of caleb's when he was born).

and YEAH! I'm so glad you guys got a place to live now. CAn't wait to see pictures and man are you a crazy prego lady, already hanging up pictures. That's always the last thing I do. See that's why you are getting bigger it's becuase you are burning calories unpacking and swimming....let us know how the next Dr's appt. goes.

Tui Family said...

My Ines,
Thanks for the update...we'll keep you in our prayers! I'm sure everything's fine, but I'm sure it's hard not to wonder. I didn't realize how much you went through with guys are so strong! Keep us posted! Love ya!=)

Shellee said...

Thanks for the answer. I've been a little worried for you. Lets us know what they say at the next appt. Here's to healthy weight gain and a bigger baby bump. So basically a "normal" pregnancy. Oh- and also wishing you tons of dark hair and dark skin on this precious little thing ;) you never know?

Kristen said...

I miss you. I am bawling right now. I am praying for you guys and that little one in your tummy! Don't silence that mother instinct . . . I remember you telling me that on a number of occasions. Just keep praying and the Lord will guide you. I love you guys!

Lauren Horsley said...

I'm sure "Little Lauren Jr." is just fine, though I totally understand your concerns.

Seriously, you and the babe are always in our prayers. Hope you can get an ultrasound soon to put your fears to rest!

Trixy Lovelace said...

Hey! I am a dumby, did I even know you were pregnant? I totally relate to your fears, after losing one and then having a high risk pregnancy, you are really on edge. You will be in my prayers for sure!