Thursday, September 18, 2008

dr. strader explains obesity

so ben comes home today and tells me he learned the reason he thinks he is overweight & addicted to cheese.

"it all comes down to evolution, you see. my ancestors were hunters & gatherers which means they constantly had a desire for high caloric food anytime it was accessible. so it's my ancestors that are making me fat."

it all makes sense now, doesn't it? wow graduate school is enlightening.

the best part was, when i told him this was going up on the blog, he said,

"why can't you ever write about me when i do or say something sexy?" which of course got me laughing even harder. i told him it's because his grandma reads this blog and we need to preserve his image in her eyes.

but, i thought i would indulge dr. strader. so here is a picture of my sexy husband climbing trees with the group home kids. this fella has some mad tree climbing skills. not only did he school both of the boys when it came to speed, technique and accuracy, but check out those leg muscles. and ladies, he's not even flexing.


S & RA Beazer said...

Are you sure this is safe for Grandma to see. He looks great, just as beautiful as his wife.

robin said...

Move over Cuba, Toby, Eric McCormack, Mario Lopez, and every other cute, sexy young man! Especially attractive is the white trim around his k-k-k-k-k-knees! xoxoxox Ben! Nobody does it better!

Lauren Horsley said...

I totally know where Ben is coming from - my relatives are the reason I'm fat too! All that emotional absue from my sibs sends me running to the cookie cupboard...

What I think is sexiest about that picture is that Ben has a heart that refuses to grow old. I love it when Brett does totally "boyish" things like climb trees or dress up like a pirate (with the kids, that is. He doesn't just dress up as a pirate for no good reason. Usually.) Ahoy!

Robin said...

I'm missin' you too much today, honey! Can you feel my hug? xoxoxoxox Mom