Monday, November 2, 2009

bang bang, twinkle twinkle

well we pretty much wore ourselves out for the halloween weekend.

the cowboy:

all day made us refer to him as caleb cowboy strader.

was absolutely in love with his "shooter" also known as his gun.
though we were strict parents and wouldn't let him aim it at his sister's head...
even though nothing was coming out of it.
it's just the thought, you know?

went to the trunk or treat and saw his cute friend, lion eve.

then went trick or treating with lovely kali, and studly kai.
he was amazingly hyper for a kid that hadn't had one ounce of candy all day.
we actually gave him a sucker when he started to wind down so that the sugar could help him walk back to kali's house instead of having me carry him.


the fairy:

struggled to keep up the fast pace she normally has even while in a tutu,
so opted for the stink bug crawl, bum in the air.

was fascinated with her wand.

attempted many times to eat her tutu, and luckily failed at all attempts.
didn't care much for trick or treating, but instead rode in the stroller like a champ.

after she tried to steal the cowboy's hat.

and he tried to poke the fairy's nose.

she still had glitter in her hair for church the next day, even though i washed her head and face 3 times. people thought it was on purpose but i assure you, it was not.

we have a few more years before she becomes hannah montana'ed, don't we?

hope your day was as fun as ours was!


Mike and Jenny said...

So cute. I love how they look so much like each other!!

Rachel H. said...

totally fun! Glad you guys had a successful and happy halloween!

Mick and Tiff said...

What cute kids! Love it! Did someone make that adorable costume for Leah?

Happy Halloween guys.