Wednesday, November 4, 2009

she's a maniac.

well, i wrote about them... the baby thigh high, kneecap protectors.
now check them out in pictures.

i said, "give me your crusty old lady face!" and this is what happened. i blame myself.

now she's crawling up because she felt the magnetic pull of the flash.
blast you, anti-red eye.
and watch out, there's a close up of her infamous double chin.

don't get too close, the chin might attack you,
channeling jabba the hut a la "return of the jedi."

no one feels like wearing a gold bikini & being chained to that monstrosity do they?
didn't think so.

here i am trying to push her away from grabbing the camera. what a mean mom.
do you see the determined look on her face? well maybe you don't. but i do.

finally after another 5 minutes of this silent arguing,
she went back to minding her own business.

the end. literally.

1 comment:

Brian & Chelsey said...

CUTE!!! Love baby legs!