Friday, November 13, 2009

sweet potatoes and corn.

think she likes it?

guess not.

but what does she like?

smooches from her dad.


Wheat Family said...

Sour faces are hilarious! You captured hers perfectly. And is it me or does Ben have a mustache???? I know that can't be Leah's hair growing wild.

lynsey said...

ugh, unfortunately it IS ben's facial hair. but it's not just a mustache, it's a full-fledged beard. i told him that i won't shave my legs until he shaves his face. and let's just say that i can no longer wear shorts in public.

ohmylanta said...

So funny. Those bitter beer faces make eating time so worthwhile! Can I admit that I am a terrible mother because I am putting solids off as long as possible. Don't you think the learning process is painful? Waisted food, waisted time and extra linens to clean. Sounds like I need to work on my patience!

I love her rosey lips. Princess material already.

Mike and Jenny said...

So funny. You got some great pics of her!

Marci Ward said...

Her faces are so funny! And she is a lucky little girl to have a good daddy, and mommy!

Kurt and Kristy said...

Those are so great!! How could she not like sweet potatoes!? ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna need you to blow that photo up to poster size so I can hang it on my wall and have a good chuckle every morning at how dang cute she is when she grimaces!

And then we will parade said poster out everytime she's depressed as a teenager (which will be most of the time, if she's a typical teenager) and make her stare at it until she cheers up and realizes that whatever Jr. High drama she's experiencing can't be nearly as bad as having to eat baby-food sweet potatoes.

The end.