Thursday, December 17, 2009

what does this do best?

just look at her. isn't she pretty?

all of her attachments.

working so hard to turn my cowardly lion mane into something that is resembling of a little more....human. (don't laugh--that's the goal at least)

but with all of that work she has done in the past, during our vacation, this fabulous piece of machinery outdid herself.

what was so brave, so heroic, so beyond all expectations i ever had when purchasing this hair dryer for $25 many months ago?

you guessed it.

this hair dryer






in a final act of desperation, after rocking, singing, walking, turning on our own white noise, laying down with her, feeding her, and being at my wit's end,

i finally turned on my hair dryer.

within seconds she was quiet.

within TWO MINUTES she was asleep.

i left it on allllllll night (on the cool setting).

i probably should have been worried about how this was a potential fire hazard.

or more importantly (i'm kidding...or am i?) worried that it could have burned out and i would have been the cowardly lioness for the duration of our vacation.

but was i worried?


i was tired.

and finally asleep.


we have two winners for the prize!

first on my facebook page,

kira said:
Can I play too? A hair dryer? Has that already been guessed?

no kira, you awesome cousin. it hadn't been guessed. (and to be honest, i was kind of getting worried that no one would guess it and i'd have to keep the prize) way to make me proud!

then, on my blog posting,

marci said:

Did you turn the blow dryer that comes in the room on low and just let it run all night? I can not think of anything else that makes noise in the room?

marci, i knew we've been friends for this long for a reason!

so since you both answered while i was still in disneyland to get your surprises, email me your address and i'll get them in the mail!

i'll be sending one for each of your kids....i wish they could be enormous and amazing but come on, we're poor students. but they're still cute, fun, from disneyland, and it's always nice to get something in the mail right??



Joel and Carrie said...

That is magic. Thank goodness for sleep and thank goodness for being so sleep deprived to sacrifice a good hair day if worse case scenario came into play. :)

Kira said...

Yay! The only reason I guessed the dryer is it would calm Dawson from the second I would turn it on when he was a baby. I never had issues getting ready in the mornings because he loved that hair dryer. I would dry my hair and then leave it running to finish getting ready while he peacefully sat in his bouncer seat. I agree hair dryers are amazing. Thanks for letting me play! I hope you enjoyed your vacation once you got some sleep!

Rachel H. said...

totally crazy!! But hey, it worked! And that's got to count for something, right?!:)

Marci Ward said...

WhoooHOOO!! I have never won/guessed ANYTHING...ever...ever in my entire life! Thanks for making my day!!!! So glad she slept and the place didn't burn down!